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S+P Worldnews - NEWMOON in ARIES (Nr 2 this month!) (30-MAR-2014)

(= SUN at 09°58' ARIES & MOON at 09°58 ARIES)

Today (30-MAR-2014 at 20.44 CET) we have another NEWMOON - I remember WELL the last one, not some 30 days ago.
How time FLIES!...
And TIME and the course of the PLANETS belong together...
And all has its rythm and belongs to a cycle.

Not least because OF THAT REASON I have an affection for Astrology - because it's PURE NATURE.
(By da way: The word MONTH actually comes from the word MOON - at least it's like that in the german language...)
('Many MOONs have past my dear 'Great Headman BRAVE EAGLE'!...)

(NEW - and FULLMOONS usually are MOST OF THE TIME the most important Times of any month. I therefore watch closely WHICH ASPECTS of other planets are most exact around any moonphase. - Those ones often will show me the MAINTHEME til the next coming moonphase...)

This month (March 2014) it had actually 2 NEWMOONS - the first one on 01-MAR and the second one now on 30-MAR-2014...
(This second Newmoon though is happening in the sign of ARIES. NOT Pisces...)

WELL: Also THIS March-Newmoon in ARIES will be 'full of stuff and surprises'!...
It will be the beginning of quite likely the 'WILDEST MONTH of the year 2014'...


This Newmoon (= SUN + MOON at the very same place in the zodiac) is again positioned in connection to the all-dominating URANUS-PLUTO Square.
(= risk for assassinations and terrorism/fanatism + risk for catastrophes, accidents, rebellions and riots)...

This Newmoon is at around 10° ARIES and therefore in Conjunction with unpredictable URANUS who is squaring blackmailing PLUTO and boisterous JUPITER.
YES - I KNOW: You've read that BEFORE on my blog, since MONTHS (NOV/DEC 2013) - but SORRY - I tell you what's  going to happen in the SKY and not some entertaining fairytales.... ☺

(I KNOW: SOME astro-heinies also tell you from aroma-oils and the secrets of the kabbalah and angels they saw in a black forest 'n stuff like that - BUT NOT ME - NO FOOLIN' ON YOU, DARLING! ☺
I'm telling you about the POSITIONS of the PLANETS in the SKY - mathematical provable realities...)

When I've written in NOV/DEC 2013 that 2014 will quite likely become 'the most explosive year' of the whole URANUS-PLUTO Square Phase between 2008/2010 to 2015/2017, maybe only a few people believed me...
I'm pretty sure that since the last past Newmoon on 1-MAR-2014 - when PUTIN annexed the CRIMEA - maybe ALL OF YOU BELIEVE ME...

And it's probably the MOST EXPLOSIVE TIME of the year!!!

This NEWMOON includes ALL of the events which will show up in APRIL - the SUN is going to activate (since end of March) the JUPITER-URANUS-PLUTO T-Square and will do it till around the 9th of APRIL, then MERCURY will DO THE SAME, then we will have middle of APRIL and there will be a FULLMOON on 15-APR and from then on MARS will activate the JUPITER-URANUS-PLUTO T- Square til the end of the month.... JUPITER will then slowly move out from the orb he was forming an aspect to the URANUS-PLUTO- Square (this one will be exact between 20-23 of APRIL 2014) and then the situation MIGHT COOL OFF A BIT... - But actually that can go til 18-25 of MAY 2014 with an orb of 3-4°! (JUPITER is still squaring URANUS on the 25th of MAY with an Orb of 03° 53'...!)

FINAL REMARK: Until now (end of March 2014) I was nearly 99% CORRECT with my forecasts regarding SOCIAL UNRESTS and also regarding MOST of the UPS and DOWNS in the Markets/Indices and GOLD!...

Thank you!

(More will follow in my APRIL-2014-Forecast, but i'm afraid there will be LOTS OF REPETITION... - But Life often IS a 'repetition-song' - isn't it?) ☺

I wish us - NONETHELESS - a comfortable and successful APRIL 2014!!! ☺
(What else? N'est-ce pas?) ☺

Following are the horoscopes of the MOONPHASE!
(I calculated 2 Versions of it - once with aspects to the moonphase itself and ONLY - and another one with ALL aspects to all planets...)



The NEWMOON in ARIES of 30-MAR-2014 - ONLY Aspects to the NEWMOON shown.
This NEWMOON is an EXACT CONJUNCTION to unpredictable URANUS in rash and dominant ARIES!

 and therefore also in a Square/90° to PLUTO! - This is likely to bring a lot of UNEXPECTED and SUDDEN surprises and/or stress and probably 'dramatic events'... Around 20-APR the JUPITER-URANUS-PLUTO Square will be exact, too...

(This Newmoon is likely - together with the one from early JAN-2014 - the most 'turbulent and dangerous' of the whole year 2014!

The NEWMOON in ARIES of 30-MAR-2014 - This time with ALL Aspects to  ALL Planets.

Here one can see the BIG RED 'TRINGLE' brtween the NEWMOON with  URANUS - sqauring/90° PLUTO and JUPITER!


Thanx and have a wonderful time - despite all the forking BS around us!

Til soon,
Tibor Bugetty - FAC  (Fine Astrosoup Creator)


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