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S+P Worldnews - Why Oscar PISTORIUS is highly likely the murderer of Reeva STEENKAMP! (Part 2 - with the Horoscope of Reeva)

Why Oscar PISTORIUS is highly likely the murderer of Reeva Steenkamp
(Part 2 - Horoscope of Reeva)

(REMEMBER: The FIRST Part of this analysis you'll find HERE!)

Don't forget: Oscar Pistorius' MARS is at 28° AQUARIUS and his SUN in the 30° of SCORPIO...

And now the horoscope of Reeva STEENKAMP:

Natal Chart
Natal Chart of Reeva STEENKAMP
(with her MARS at 03° LEO highlighted and her SUN in the 26° of LEO highlighted, too...)

What do we SEE??!

Her SUN is in rather exact OPPOSITION of the MARS of her boyfriend Oscar PISTORIUS!
(Which means that this relationship was one 'full of love, harmony and understanding' have now immerdiately shrinked rather hefty...)

As if that wouldn't be enough - the MARS of REEVA is in exact CONJUNCTION to the MOON of Oscar PISTORIUS and therefore also squaring the VENUS-PLUTO Conjunction of him!!

This tells us that this relationship was prone from the very beginning to be filled with DEBATES, ARGUMENTS, STRONG EGOS - and even sometimes FIGHTS and PHYSICAL HARM...

Here you can see it a second time in a different way: OUTSIDE are the planets of REEVA - and INSIDE you can watch the ones of Oscar:

Chart of their Relationship
The horoscopes of REEVA (outside) & OSCAR (inside):
A 'MARS-relationship' from the very first beginning!

As far as I am informed they met in early November 2012 - and were seen in PUBLIC as a PAIR first time on 05-NOV-2012 at the SASA (South African Sports Award)

Well-well: WAIT til you see THAT CHART!...

(To be continued... hopefully soon!)

May the stars be with you!
Tibor Bugetty/FAC (Fine Astrosoup Creator)



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