Montag, 9. Mai 2016

* S+P Worldnews - ☼ RARE Transit of MERCURY 'walking in the FACE OF THE SUN' (Mercury is also RETROGRADE as seen from planet EARTH)

Special SUN-MERCURY Conjunction TODAY

We have about 6-7 Sun-Mercury Conjunction EVERY YEAR, but not of this special kind... (this special kind happens about 13 times a CENTURY...)

LAST one was in 2006 (10 yrs. ago) and next one will be in 2019 - see list below (LINK!)

(It' also important, that this one is near the past NEWMOON of MAY/06-2016...)

By the way: It looks like with this special alignment of MERCURY, the SUN and our planet EARTH, MERCURY must be RETROGRADE as seen from EARTH...

(I checked it with the 21. century... 14 of those special mercury-in-the-face-of-the-sun transits are going to happen... ALL having a RETROGRADE MERCURY. Also another peculiar fact is: they ALL are going to happen either in the sign of TAURUS in MAY or in the sign of SCORPIO in NOVEMBER... 5 of them happen in MAY (between 07-10) and 9 of the are going to happen in NOV (between 07-14)

This day is quite likely important anyway - as written in my MAY-2016-Forecast; but this SUN-MERCURY conjunction is NOT the one and only reason...

Prognose für den MAI-2016 (in german)
NEUMOND in STIER vom 06-MAI-2016 (in german)


May the stars be with us!
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