Freitag, 22. April 2016

* S+P Worldnews: Music-Artist PRINCE dies with nearly 58 yrs.! (SATURN opposing his GEMINI-SUN for WEEKS!)

dies (quite likely) of complications with a FLU aged only 57 yrs. 10 mths
(SATURN in the skies OPPOSED his GEMINI-SUN for 7 WEEKS til his DEATH on 21-APR-2016 at around 09h30m in Minneapolis)

I have lately written via FB: (see below)

Well, it WAS like that....
- It WAS SATURN (who is squaring NEPTUNE since NOV-2015 til SEP-2016 several times) in the case of PRINCE.

SATURN was from early MAR-2016 until his death on 21-APR-2016 OPPSING his natal SUN in GEMINI.
He catched a FLU somewhere in APRIL (remember: MARS is quaring NEPTUNE the whole month in APR-2016, which is a CLASSICAL 'SICKNESS and WEAKNESS' combination and I've mentioned that one in my APR-2016 report...) and on 15/16 of APRIL/2016 had to go urgently into HOSPITAL...

(At his death the SUN in the SKY was ALSO opposing his NEPTUNE - another typical weakness/sickness combination. He died quite likely of a VIRUS/FLU...)

NATAL CHART of PRINCE and COD (Chart of Death) will follow quite likely over the W/END!


(around 1985 - via CNN's website)

Music icon Prince dead at 57 -

RIP PRINCE - maybe you can meet David BOWIE now? ;-)

May the stars be with us!
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