Mittwoch, 5. April 2017

* S+P Worldnews: Terror-Attack in St. Petersburg/Russia with URANUS directly at MC and MARS...


The TERROR-Attack from 03-APR-2017 under a SUN-PLUTO Square (with 05°30' degrees a bit wide - BUT APPLYING!) happened under MC directly 'sitting' on URANUS and ASCENDANT squaring very exactly MARS!

According to swiss news channel SRF (Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen/ swiss radio and tv) the terror-attack happened around 14h40m local time:

If this time is correct (and when it comes having to do with TIME, the SWISS usually ARE CORRECT... 😉) then all 3 'planets of peril and destruction' were strongly activated!
(as SO OFTEN in cases like these)

2 of them especially for the locality of St. Petersburg in Russia (MC and ASC aspecting URANUS = rebellious activities/ explosions/ chaos/ panic and MARS = amunition/ warlike events/ destruction and killings and 1 (sun square PLUTO) for the whole day! (and worldwide - will be exact 08/09-APR-2017)

MC = 23°59' ARIES = Conjunction = URANUS = 23°51' ARIES   (- 00°08'!!!)
AC = 18°08' LEO    = Square         = MARS    = 17°26' TAURUS (-00°43'!!)
SUN = 13°51 ARIES = Square         = PLUTO = 19°20' CAP (+ 05°28)

- Horoscope might be following soon!



May the stars be with us - but NOT with Donald TRUMPUS!
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