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" S+P Worldnews: The exact Chart for the MANCHESTER-ATTACK

The exact Chart for the
(Monday: 22-MAY-2017 at around 22h30m LT/BST)


(THEN you MUST be a novice to GOOD ASTROLOGY...😉)
Because we GOOD ASTROLOGERS we all KNOW that when something DANGEROUS happens it is usually URANUS, MARS or PLUTO who OFTEN IS at one of the 4 Angles, because it means HERE and NOW something DANGEROUS is happening...
(although we can NOT know, WHAT it will be exactly, neither HOW STRONG; could have been also a FIRE, a 'normal' killing or a pile up of cars on the highway/etc.)

It was the same with the horrible TERROR-ATTACK in MANCHESTER on MO/22-MAY-2017 at around 22h30-35m:
The MARS-SATURN Opposition (about 04° exact - but APPYING!) is PROMINENT, since MARS is more or less exact SETTING in the chart of the event! So MARS was doing what the SUN does everyday ONCE, when the idiot took his life and - worse - the lifes of MANY OTHER PEOPLE.
(RED circle on the RIGHT)
SATURN therefore is on the opposite site (RED circle on the LEFT)
(Usually SATURN is NOT highlighted/prominent when attacks are happening, but of course it is another story when MARS is doing a 'bad' aspect to it)
Another planet of 'destruction' is URANUS - it is even more so than MARS - and as one can see, URANUS 'sits' directly at the IC - together with MOON!!!


PLUTO in the sky was/is in nearly EXACT Opposition to the MOON of the UK-Chart from 1801!
(While MOON in the sky was in ARIES in Square to PLUTO in Capricorn... therefore we had the combination: MOON in the sky squaring PLUTO in the sky - whilst PLUTO in the sky was opposite UK's MOON!)

Also the SUN in the sky was in GEMINI - squaring PLUTO of the UK of the 1801 chart!

It nearly can't get any 'better' from an astrological point of view.
(since PLUTO indeed is THE planet of TERRORISM - and war.)


May the stars be with us and especially with the UK!
Tibor Bugetty/FAC (Fine Astrosoup Creator)
c) 2011-2017

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