Dienstag, 19. September 2017

* S+P Worldnews: Mercury/MARS Opposition NEPTUNE rules Rest of Month! (plus...)

The Mercury/MARS-NEPTUNE Opposition will be the MOST IMPORTANT influence for the
(Together with the JUPITER-URANUS Opposition)

And don't forget: URANUS is in semiquare/45° to NEPTUNE...

meaning that the 'total combination' goes like this:


MERCURY in Conjunction to MARS (was exact on 16th) both in Opposition to NEPTUNE (Mercury from 18-21 = 4 days and then Mars from 19 - 30! - Exact: 24! With a 03°30' Orb. ) and ALL are either in a 45° or 135° aspect to URANUS... and at the very end of the month also to JUPITER, because the JUPITER-URANUS Opposition is exact on 28th....

In general NOT a good combination - also HEALTHWISE because negative MARS-NEPTUNE aspects often make TIRED, WEAK and even SICK...
Be also careful of FRAUD and LIES or/and MISHAPS, ERRORS and a desire for INDIRECT TACTICS...
(Do NOT lie - often under negative Mars-Neptune aspects the lies either don't work out well or they will be detected soon and you'll end up in 'deep **it')

Not the best time for doing/signing important contracts and also not a good one for too buy NEW MACHINERY. Especially NOT CARS...

If you CAN afford it: wait for important decisions until it's OCTOBER...
(If you can't: be careful and read everything THRICE - can the can!)

More you can read in my SEP-2017 Forecast.

Check the 45° Graphical Ephemeris and you can SEE very well this combination:

Stay healthy and try to keep a good mood anyway! 


May the stars be with us and especially with the US!
Tibor Bugetty/FAC (Fine Astrosoup Creator)

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