Dienstag, 13. September 2016

* S+P Worldnews: 13-SEP-2016 - SONNE Quadrat/90° MARS exakt/ SUN Square/90° MARS is exact....(english/deutsch)

Heute am DI/13-SEP-2016 ist das SONNE-MARS Quadrat exakt
Today TUE/13-SEP-2016 the SUN-MARS Square is exact

Es wird AUCH für den VOLLMOND vom FR/16-SEP-2016 von grosser Bedeutung sein!
It will be also of great importance at FULLMOON on FR/16-SEP-2016!

(SUN Square MARS)

CAN be a rather good time for COMPETITION - but not so much for CO-OPERATION. (Strong EGO's) - Tendency for FIGHTS, ARGUMENTS and ACCIDENTS. Rash and Pig-Headid... (Everybody wants to be the FIRST IN DA ROW! ME-ME-ME! Pick ME - I'm the BEST!!..) - The typical 'MACHO' Aspect... MALES are MORE negatively prone to this aspect than females! Cocky and aggressive... BRAVE but often combined with RECKLESSNESS. (The typical DARE-DEVIL/ Evil Knivel!) - WORK-WORK-WORK! - but do it better ALONE... - SOLVE any problems but DON'T CREATE THEM! Better do not SHOW-OFF and BRAG to much - it's likely to create 'cock-fights'!... (Be careful while DRIVING and with any other MACHINES and MOTORS. Try to SLOW DOWN! Especially the BOYS are prone to drive 'like idiots' now...)
Good for SEX - but in a rather HEFTY WAY...
(Control your impulsiveness...)
(Do NOT START FIGHTS - but FIGHT BACK if someone if you REALLY NEED. Like in the case of aussaults/physical attacks!) (burglary/felony/theft)
(Often a time that is 'stressy' and 'nervous' with BIG EGOs shouting around and choleric outbursts...) (barefaced/to spread elbows/cocky)


A lot of what was written under SUN Square MARS is true for 'harsh' MERCURY-MARS aspects too...
Makes even more impulsive and aggressive. Harsh and unfriendly reactions. Fast pace. (Stress) Trouble, problems and irritations. Mechanical breakdowns. Arguments and conflicts. To have and use a 'sharp tongue'. Sarcastic and evil. Vicious words, thoughts and texts. Sometimes MOBBING... - Barefaced and cocky. Be careful while driving a car or even a bicycle - do NOT make rash and spontaneous movements! 
(Even if YOU do everything correct, in SOME CASES it is possible that you'll end up in a (traffic-) accident because of someone else - usually someone who was RASH and IMPULSIVE!)
(Good LUCK! ) ;-) 

(MARS will also come in harmonious sextile/60° with VENUS, and in a harmonious trine/120° with URANUS around FULLMOON - but MARS squaring the SUN and VENUS opposing URANUS might be of STRONGER IMPACT...)
(It can ba ALSO a rather unpredictable MIX of both - joy and fun, erotic adventures and pleasure ending up in fights and aggression - or vice versa. WAS SICH LIEBT, DAS NECKT SICH! / TEASING IS A SIGN OF AFFECTION - 'DES EINEN FREUD - DES ANDREN LEID' / ONE MAN'S MEAT IS ANOTHER MAN'S POISON...)

(SATURN Square NEPTUNE still working! Until end of month - MAYBE EVEN INTO FIRST/SECOND WEEK OF OCTOBER 2016...)

(JUPITER entered LIBRA on 09-SEP-2016...)
(Will stay for roughly 1 year there and shall be GOOD for people having planets/rising sign in libra - also in aquarius and gemini. It shall work well for sagittarius and leo and a bit less for aries, too - IF NOT SATURN and or NEPTUNE is doing heavy contrary aspects to other important parts of your natal chart!...) 

MARS - our 'RED' Planet!



May the stars be with us!
Tibor Bugetty/FAC (Fine Astrosoup Creator)
c) 2011-2016


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