Samstag, 5. August 2017

* S+P Worldnews: The exact chart for the JUPITER-PLUTO Square (04-AUG-2017)


JUPITER-PLUTO Square exact today/04-AUG-2017

(POSITIONS of all Planets are the same - NOT IMPORTANT in which TIMEZONE you live - though the exact time will be different! For CEDT it is 07h31 - and for example for TOKYO it is 14h31m the same day, while it is for ALBUQUERQUE/NM in the US it's the 02-AUG at 23h31m... and so on)

- The interesting stuff is, that while JUPITER is in exact Square to PLUTO today, URANUS became RETRO yesterday - nearly exactly the SAME TIME/DAY which makes the whole stuff way more 'explosive' !!!

(MOON is in realistic but also pessimistic CAPRICORN, and the NEXT aspect it will make is a CONJUNCTION to PLUTO - therefore highligthing the JUPITER-PLUTO Square even more!

Even more important: the SUN (= the DAY) is still in wide conjunction to MARS (quarrels) but more important it is a APPLYING QUINKUNX/150° to 'liar'-planet NEPTUNE!!!


Can be an important time/frame - as mentioned in my AUGUST-FORECAST...

(Trump? Markets? Gold? Bitcoin? Politics? - Don't forget: On the 7th we'll have the 'GREAT CHINESE LUNAR-ECLIPSE 2017' - still with the JUPITER-PLUTO Square of big influence and URANUS as seen from Earth STANDING STILL...)

Hasta La Vista, Baby! - A Viszontlatasra!


May the STARS be with us - but not with Donald Trumpus!!!!!!!!

(c) 2011 - 2017 by Tibor Bugetty/aka Tibor Tausz-Weber.

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