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* S+P Worldnews: Graphical Ephemeris for AUGUST-2017 (and NO BROMANCE between TRUMP and PUTIN!...)

And here we have the
for AUG-2017

(this post fits together with:)
♦ FORECAST ♦ for AUG-2017 (with Analysis for STOCKS & GOLD):

You can see clearly on the 90°Graphical Ephemeris, that the SUN-MARS Conjunction is still in early AUGUST 2017 'in action' (until about the 05 - with a 03° Orb or even until the 07th with a 03°30' Orb). So the FIRST WEEK of AUG-2017 might still be a bit 'belligerent'... (Accidents, Disputes, Aggression - but also ACTION and POWER) (Actually the cONJUNCTIONS one can see on ALL graphical ephemeris - not important WHICH mode...)

You can also see - on the 90° and 45° ephemeris - that the JUPITER-PLUTO Square is exact on 04-AUG-2017! 
This aspect will be most likely the mOST IMPORTANT one in AUG-2017 - and will work until around 24th.

On the 45° ephemeris you can see, that URANUS is at the same position as NEPTUNE - we know it's a 45°- aspect; a semisquare. It is likely to be the SECOND MOST IMPORTANT INFLUENCE in AUG-2017.
You can also see on the 90° and 45° ephemeris, that MERCURY turns RETROGRADE and will be in OPPOSITION to NEPTUNE...

I have explained that one in my FORECAST for AUG-2017 - please re-read there if you want. 

We can also see that JUPITER - on the 60° ephemeris - is going to form a SEXTILE with SATURN on the 27th - this one will be important too, and is actually the MOST STABLE one of all important aspects in AUG-2017!

And no bromance between TRUMP and PUTIN - as I 'forecasted' it lately:

02-AUG-2017: Under the JUPITER-PLUTO Square and the SUN-MARS Conjunction:

Donald Trump unterschreibt Gesetz zu Russland-Sanktionen - SPIEGEL ONLINE: (in german - you'll find the same article in english somewhere in the WWW...)

(Was decided on 28-JUL-2017 - under the SONNE-MARS Conjunction which was exact only one day before...)


May the STARS be with us - but not with Donald Trumpus!!!!!!!!

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