Montag, 7. November 2016

* S+P Worldnews: Donald TRUMP will LOSE the US-Presidency! (due to the fact of bad MARS-MERCURY aspects to HIS MARS and...)

Donald TRUMP will NOT become
of the US
(He'll lose!)
(due to not as good astrological aspects compared to Hillary CLINTON...)

Though DONALD TRUMP has a VERY GOOD natal chart, his chances are not as good as the ones of HILLARY CLINTON to become the next president of the US...
At least from an ASTROLOGICAL point of view:

Regarding the FACTS that not only the SLOW moving planets (like Jupiter and Saturn and especially very slow moving URANUS, NEPTUNE and PLUTO and Moon's Node/s) are important for a special day/event, but actually the FAST MOVING ONES too (Mercury, Venus and especially MARS - Planet of ACTION!) and especially the SUN (the ACTUAL DAY of ANY EVENT, because ONE DAY is actually 01° degree in the ZODIAC, and the SUN therefore often 'BRINGS IT INTO THE LIGHT OF THE DAY'!) and also the MOON who shows 'where the FEELINGS are' and also often can tell you about the HOURS = MOON of any DAY = SUN, then it LOOKS DEFINITELY BETTER for HILLARY than for DONALD...
(especially for the 09th of NOV/2016 - and THAT is the DAY where we ALL REALLY KNOW how this more than ONE YEAR LONG 'CRAP' all ended!...)

Here it comes in kinda chronological order and in astro-LOGICAL order:


* PLUTO at 15°30 Capricorn:
'bad' Quinkunx/150° to his URANUS (and SUN) at 17°54' in GEMINI
(looks quite WIDE - and it IS - BUT: the SUN will ACTIVATE PLUTO in the sky AND especially doing a Quinkunx from SCORPIO too - read later on!...)

* NEPTUNE at 09°17 Pisces:
makes a 'good' Trine/120 to his MERCURY at 08°52' CANCER (only 00°25' exact) - but: by BIRTH 'da WIG' has a MERCURY-NEPTUNE Square (and this is why he LIES a lot and is a 'showman who likes to tell fairytales), so NEPTUNE in the sky is also in a WIDE Quinkunx/150° to HIS NEPTUNE, or put it in other words: this Trine of nEPTUNE might bring out the worst of his mERCURY-NEPTUNE Square he has by birth. (It was especially prominent - Neptune in the sky quinkunx/150 HIS NEPTUNE - in JAN/FEB-2015 - when he quite liekly thought about 'going for the job' - which he did about 6 months later in SUMMER 2015...)  

* URANUS at 21°30' ARIES:
'good' Trine/120° to his MOON at 21°12' SAGITTARIUS 
(so THIS ONE IS really a good one! ...)

Is not doing something special - BUT is in WIDE OPPOSITION/180° to his SUN-URANUS conjunction - and WOULD BE IN PERFECT OPPOSITION to them at INAUGURATION DAY - while mARS in the sky is also squaring SATURN from PISCES - so hopefully he will NOT BECOME the next president - it would all end up very likely in a kinda CATASTROPHE...   

and NOW comes actually 'THE BIG ONE'!:

* JUPITER at 12°44' LIBRA:
is NOT DOING anything special at POLL DAYS of 8/9th NOV-2016!

meaning that 'LADY LUCK-LEVEL' is rather LOW - opposite to Hillary!

- But WHAT about the FAST MOVING PLANETS and the SUN=DAY and the MOON=HOUR?

Here it looks much better for HILLARY than DONALD:

1) the SUN = DAY will be at 16-17° SCORPIO at 08-NOV-2016 - in Quinkunx/150° to his URANUS (and SUN) - will be exact on 9th around HIGH NOON!... (this might bring 'BAD SURPRISES!)

2) MERCURY will be at the SAME PLACE as his IC (Imum Coeli - lowest/darkest point at the heavens) at 24° SCORPIO! - While that doesn't sound especially bad when you hear it the FIRST TIME, it IS when you check it a SECOND and THIRD time and REALIZE, that his MC/IC is by BIRTH squaring his MARS at 28° LEO and that Mars is also in conjunction to his ASCENDANR/RISING SIGN POINT! - Meaning VERBAL FIGHTS, and even swearing and other such 'lovely stuff' - he might even CALL FOR A RIOT in the worst case!... (It also often shows a 'change of mind of the folks'... - like 'WE HATE YOU!' or 'YOU'RE A SILLY BULLY-BOY!' or even 'ASSHOLE GO HOME'? - whatever...) (this one is especially true 1-2 days AFTER POLLS - but it STARTS on 07/08-NOV!....)  

MARS will be on the 8th of NOV-2016 at the END of CAPRICORN and on the 09th at 00° AQUARIUS - in EXACT QUINKUNX/150°to his MARS and ASCENDANT!.... meaning pretty much THE SAME as above with MERCURY!
(and HIS birthtime is CORRECT - he made it public some years ago because he still thinks OBAMA was born somewhere in NICARAGUA or wherever...)

4) very important:
MISS LUNA = the MOON will be in a 'good' TRINE in the EARLY HOURS of 08/NOV at the end of AQUARIUS (which is actually good for DONALD...) but will later CHANGE into PISCES (MOON will be at 0000 on 08-NOV at around 21° Aquarius, at 1200/HighNoon at around 27° AQUARIUS, and will CHANGE into PISCES at 16h46m LOCAL TIME for WASHINGTON/DC - and will from about 1000 to the evening OPPOSE his MARS and later his ASCENDANT, too - meaning pretty much THE SAME as with MARS and MERCURY above!!!I

I think it will be about THIS TIME (late evening of NOV/08) when it's getting clear that actually HILLARY CLINTON has won - and on NOV/09 - when MARS is in EXACT SEXTILE/60° to her JUPITER! - it is clear that SHE GAINED VICTORY...

If you combine THIS ASTRO-FACTS with the other ones I posted a few days ago - it is VERY LIKELY that HILLARY CLINTON will be the NEXT PRESIDENT of the US.

WHOEVER will win PRESIDENCY, the INAUGURATION-chart of 20-JAN-2017 is LIKELY TO BE a 'UNLUCKY' one!...
(MORE on that one LATER!)


Donald TRUMP
(* 14-JUN-1946 in QUEENS - a beautiful COUNTRY! - in NY at 1054/10h54m/10.54AM EDT)
Quite likely NOT the next 'PRESIDENTA' of the USA!


May the STARS be with us!

(c) 2011 - 2016 by Tibor Bugetty/aka Tibor Tausz-Weber.


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