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*S+P Worldnews: Hillary CLINTON will become NEXT PRESIDENT of the US (due to much better astrological aspects, mainly MARS 60 JUPITER and...)

Hillary CLINTON will become
of the US
(due to much better astrological aspects compared to Trump, mainly MARS 60 JUPITER and...)

Though DONALD TRUMP has a VERY GOOD natal chart, his chances are not as good as the ones of HILLARY CLINTON to become the next president of the US...
At least from an ASTROLOGICAL point of view:

Regarding the FACTS that not only the SLOW moving planets (like Jupiter and Saturn and especially very slow moving URANUS, NEPTUNE and PLUTO and Moon's Node/s) are important for a special day/event, but actually the FAST MOVING ONES too (Mercury, Venus and especially MARS - Planet of ACTION!) and especially the SUN (the ACTUAL DAY of ANY EVENT, because ONE DAY is actually 01° degree in the ZODIAC, and the SUN therefore often 'BRINGS IT INTO THE LIGHT OF THE DAY'!) and also the MOON who shows 'where the FEELINGS are' and also often can tell you about the HOURS = MOON of any DAY = SUN, then it LOOKS DEFINITELY BETTER for HILLARY than for DONALD...
(especially for the 09th of NOV/2016 - and THAT is the DAY where we ALL REALLY KNOW how this more than ONE YEAR LONG 'CRAP' all ended!...)

Here it comes in kinda chronological order and in astro-LOGICAL order:


* PLUTO at 15°30 Capricorn:
'good' Sextile/60° to her VENUS at 16°15' in SCORPIO (probably not of too strong impact...)

* NEPTUNE at 09°17 Pisces:
NO 'bad' nor 'good' or important aspects to her natal chart...

* URANUS at 21°30' ARIES:
'good' Trine/120° to her SATURN at 21°16' LEO (but ALSO:)
'bad' Quinkunx/150° to her MERCURY at 21°24' SCORPIO
(so that one is a FIFTY-FIFTY - since she has by BIRTH an EXACT MERCURY-SATURN Square, with Mercury even RETROGRADE and if her BTime is correct directly placed at her RISING POINT at 22° SCORPIO...)

in 'good' Trine/120° to her PLUTO (and MARS) (exact: 05-NOV-2016, at 08/09-NOV still very exact with an orb of -00°21)   

and NOW comes actually 'THE BIG ONE'!:

* JUPITER at 12°44' LIBRA:
in 'good' Sextile/60° to her MARS (and PLUTO)!
(meaning most of the time SUCCESS-FAME-LUCK!!!)
Though this sextile is NOT EXACT - actually 01° away - it VERY LIKELY WILL WORK, due to the following facts: SATURN is ALSO in TRINE/120° to her MARS (and PLUTO) and therefore JUPITER and SATURN are going to form a 'good' sextile in the heavens in the near future after NOV-08/09-2016!
(It actually never becomes exact before END OF AUGUST 2017! - but will be in a 03° orb between 15-NOV-2016 to 15-FEB-2017!) 
And by the way: 15-NOV is ALSO the date when JUPITER will be in EXACT sextile to MARS of Hillary!...

Regarding the SLOW MOVING Planets JUPITER (especially!) and SATURN are very likely to HELP HILLARY CLINTON a LOT!
(Put it in other words: the JUPITER-SATURN sextile in the sky will likely bring her 'luck' and fame and success...)

- But WHAT about the FAST MOVING PLANETS and the SUN=DAY and the MOON=HOUR?

Here it looks much better for HILLARY than DONALD:

1) the SUN = DAY will be at 16-17° SCORPIO at 08-NOV-2016 - exactly on the VENUS of Hillary - usually this makes (very) POPULAR...

2) MERCURY will be at the SAME PLACE as it was at her birth (and therefore also in Conjunction to her rising point - IF her BTime is correct) - but MORE IMPORTANT shall be the fact that MERCURY is ALSO in EXACT TRINE/120° to her MOON in Pisces - which usually makes (very) POPULAR!... (It also often shows a 'change of mind of the folks'...) (this one is more true for the EARLY HOURS of NOV-08-2016!)  

MARS will be on the 9th of NOV-2016 at 00° AQUARIUS - in EXACT 'GOOD' SEXTILE/60° to her JUPITER! (meaning SUCCESS/ FAME/ LUCK/ WINNING!)

4) very important:
MISS LUNA = the MOON will be in the EARLY HOURS of 08/NOV at the end of AQUARIUS (which is actually good for DONALD...) but will later CHANGE into PISCES (MOON will be at 0000 on 08-NOV at around 21° Aquarius, at 1200/HighNoon at around 27° AQUARIUS, and will CHANGE into PISCES at 16h46m LOCAL TIME for WASHINGTON/DC - and will from THEN ON be in favorable TRINE/120° to the SUN of HILLARY CLINTON!
With a 01° orb this is especially true between 18h38 to 21h38m local time D.C.! 

I think it will be about THIS TIME (late evening of NOV/08) when it's getting clear that actually HILLARY CLINTON has won - and on NOV/09 - when MARS is in EXACT SEXTILE/60° to her JUPITER! - it is clear that SHE GAINED VICTORY...

If you combine THIS ASTRO-FACTS with the other ones I posted a few days ago - it is VERY LIKELY that HILLARY CLINTON will be the NEXT PRESIDENT of the US.

WHOEVER will win PRESIDENCY, the INAUGURATION-chart of 20-JAN-2017 is LIKELY TO BE a 'UNLUCKY' one!...
(MORE on that one LATER!)

(There is ONE problem with HILLARY CLINTON's chart: there are about 13-20 different birth-times of her cruising the internet... so her MOON-position and most important her RISING SIGN are not for 100% sure... but still with THIS FACT IN MIND - everything shall work out as I've written here, because ALL other astro-facts are still reliable!
- Except the one with MERCURY in trine/120° to her MOON, because when her birth-time of 08h02 CST in CHicago is VERY WRONG, the her MOON might be positioned ANYWHERE between 16° PISCES to even 00° ARIES...)

The MOST influential aspects are anyway:

MARS in the sky of 8/9-NOV-2016: Sextile/60° to her JUPITER!
JUPITER in the sky: Sextile/60° to her MARS (and PLUTO) - getting HELP from SATURN in Trine/120° to her MARS (and PLUTO)!!!


(* 26-OCT-1947 in Chicago at 0802/08h02m/08.02AM? CST)
Quite likely next 'PRESIDENTA' of the USA!


May the STARS be with us!

(c) 2011 - 2016 by Tibor Bugetty/aka Tibor Tausz-Weber.


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