Montag, 3. Juli 2017

* S+P Worldnews: Graphical Ephemeris for JULY-2017 (and 18 people died in Bavaria/Germany...)

And here we have the
for JULY-2017

(this post fits together with:)
♦FORECAST ♦ for JULY-2017 (with Analysis for STOCKS & GOLD):

You can see clearly on the 90° Garphical Ephemeris, that there is in early JULY (until about 07 - with a 03° Orb) a MARS-PLUTO Opposition and on the 05th there will be an exact MERCURY-URANUS Square...

Well BOTH have often to do with ACCIDENTS, and TODAY (MO-03-JUL-2017) we had a horrible bus-accident in the early morning ('shortly after 07h00m') near Münchberg/Bavaria-Germany with about 18 people who died...

Münchberg in Oberfranken: Was wir über das Busunglück auf der A 9 wissen - und was nicht - SPIEGEL ONLINE (in german language):

German bus inferno killed 18 in Bavaria, police say - BBC News:

There was also another accident in INDONESIA with a HELICOPTER and 8 people who died - it had to do with a volcano eruption (I'm not sure if this accident happenend TODAY or yesterday on 02-JUL?) : 

Indonesia: 8 killed in helicopter crash as Sileri Crater erupts - (english) 

(Horoscope/Chart for the accident in Bavaria is likely to follow soon)

Try to drive carefully and be a bit wary of 'dangerous areas'...


May the STARS be with us - but not with Donald Trumpus!!!!!!!!

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