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* S+P Worldnews: The most important Aspects for SUMMER 2017 (from JUPITER to PLUTO)

The most important Aspects for SUMMER 2017

1= JUPITER Quinkunx/Inconjunct/150° NEPTUNE
from: 29-APR TO 23-JUL (X = 05-JUL, before: 17-MAY) (02° ORB)

(Good for ARTISTS, ACTORS and WRITERS and others who need a lot of EMPATHY and FEELINGS. Not so good for ALL OTHER PROFESSIONS who need 'LOGIC'. Good for LIARS, ESCAPISTS and DRUG-ABUSERS, too... - A lot of RAIN, LIES and FAKE NEWS=ALTERNATIVE FACTS. Too much FANTASY...)

2= JUPITER Square/090° PLUTO
from: 10-JUL TO 24-AUG (X = 04-AUG) (03°30' ORB)

(Good for SUCCESS, FAME, LUCK and WEALTH, but with tendency to OVERDO/EXAGGERATE and for WASTE. Often problems with the LAW, usually because of GREED and ARROGANCE and a certain kind of IMPERTINENCE. Sometimes troubles because of EXAGGERATION of MANIPULATION and/or EXPLOITATION. The 'see-you-in-court-asshole'-aspect and hence therefore not seldom the 'see-you-in-prison'-aspect...) (Good Luck, BIG Luck, Wealth. Success. Good/better for ENTERTAINERS and IMPOSTORS - less for POLITICIANS and SCIENTISTS... OVERCONFIDENCE...THINK BIG, but often with tendency to THINK TOO BIG and don't care about the details.) (Suggestion and Self-Suggestion, good Motivator, but tendency to MANIPULATION...)
(High expectations, Extravagancy. Lavish, immodest and swanky...)

3= JUPITER Sextile/060° SATURN
from: 07-AUG TO 17-SEP (X = 27-AUG) (03°30' ORB) 

(Usually a very good combination. EXPANSION goes well with ORGANISATION and STRUCTURE! With CAUTION and PERSISTANCE to SUCCESS and PROSPERITY. FUN and WORK go well together in these times. Wisdom and Foresight. You don't tend to silly expectations and are willing to work hard for to get success. SUCCESS through PATIENCE and STABILITY. Rather 'slow' sucess, but what you get now - or do now - ususally STICKS for a long time! Harmony between 'harsh reality' and 'wishful thinking'. Wise, clever and rather quiet. Success through patience. Confidence through STRUCTURE. Good judegments. - The only drawback could be that you take this time for granted and let opportunities slip through your fingers...
(Just DO IT - because you're very likely you won't turn 'silly' or show up with 'foolish expectations' anyway. SATURN will just not let JUPITER to become 'too big'... or to become too wasteful or think too big, because this harmonious combination/aspect between them often means EXPANSION = JUPITER of REALITY = SATURN!) 

4= JUPITER Sextile/060° MOON'S NODE
from: 22-AUG TO 20-SEP (X = 06-SEP) (03°30' ORB)

(This aspect goes together with the one above - Jupiter Sextile SATURN. It's therefore a THREE-Combination/aspect which makes it usually OF STRONGER INFLUENCE! - Good relations with other people, new and prosperous relationships - usually with STABLE and PRACTICAL persons who somehow help you at the exactly perfect time... - Tends to be favorable for BUSINESSES!)

5= SATURN Trine/120° MOON'S NODE
from: 04-APR TO 25-OCT (X = 26-SEP) (03°30' ORB)

(This aspect goes together with the two ones above - Jupiter Sextile SATURN and JUPITER Sextile MOON'S NODE. It's therefore a THREE-Combination/aspect which makes it usually OF STRONGER INFLUENCE! This aspect is in a 03°30' Orb since early APRIL... It will work between End OF AUG to 25-OCT most likely BEST... 
- Reaping the rewards of past actions. Success through STABILITY and GOOD PLANNING. Good opportunities with - sometimes highly significant - persons/'masters'/'teachers'/groups who could open favorable doors/events on your path to shape your FUTURE for GOOD. - STABILITY and SUCCESS.)

6= JUPITER Opposition/180° URANUS
from: 13-SEP TO 12-OCT (X = 28-SEP) (03°30' ORB)

(This aspect is getting exact nearly the VERY SAME TIME/DAY as the one above!)

Usually a very 'lucky' transit/combination/aspect which often means 'OVERNIGHT SENSATION' and 'SUDDEN SUCCESS/WEALTH/LUCK'.
On the other hand it can make you also VERY IMPATIENT and rather REBELLIOUS with 'RULES and BORDERS'...
(Tendency to change your life - sometimes rather humble ones and sometimes rather 'dramatic' ones. In ALL areas of life. Relations, Career or WAY OF LIFE. You tend tob become easlily bored and have a strong urge for a change of scenery... The ADVENTURER. New ventures. Wanting to be/break FREE... If you don't tend to be foolish and risky in a silly way, you will be grateful for the new-found freedom in the end. - Since there is at the same time the STABLE influence of the (JUPITER-) SATURN-MOON'S NODE aspect it's more likely you'll not 'totally flip out'! ;-)
- Try to calm down a bit and THINK before you ACT; then it should work out WELL!) (A lot depends on how this aspect is positioned to your natal chart  - if at all - and hence therefore your natal temper AND how the (JUPITER-) SATURN-MOON'S NODE aspect is positioned to your natal chart!...)
(The slowest moving planet of the 'fast moving planets' is MARS - it might and usually IS of importance... MARS is quite likely to be better doing AFTER the first week of AUGUST...)

(If SATURN - and or URANUS, NEPTUNE and/or PLUTO - are very badly positioned to your natal chart in these 3 summer-months you might not 'feel' too much of the rather favorable aspects described above!...)

(The whole summer-months - but actually way longer - we have ALSO the URANUS-NEPTUNE Semisquare/45° which I've written not long time ago on this blog...)

(URANUS and NEPTUNE were also from APR-2016 until APR-2017 by DECLINATION in CONTRA-PARALELL aspect - using a 01° orb... It will show up again in FALL/WINTER 17/18 for short time - but not getting exact again...
AND: SATURN and PLUTO are since early DEC-2015 until spring 2020!!! in PARALELL aspect, which explains a lot about the ILLEGAL REPUBLICAN CONSPIRACY/TAKEOVER and DJ TRUMP in the UUSA! - later more to that one...)

- Für mehr Infos empfehle ich meine MONATS-PROGNOSE:
(in english)

Sowie evtl. die vorangegangene Mondphase:

- Have 'GOOD LUCK'!!!


May the stars be with us and especially with the US!
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