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*S+P Worldnews: The most important BAD TIMES for DJ TRUMP in JULY + AUGUST 2017!

The most important
in JULY and AUGUST 2017
(BUT: it will not stop end of August!) 

It's getting tighter and tighter for DONNIE-BOY!

Donald Trump Jr.'s emails undermine what the White House has been saying -

I'm telling it since End of 2016, and especially since JAN-2017:

The Times for Donnie are LOUSY from middle/end of MAY until middle/end of OCT-2017!

This month/JUL-2017 SATURN was in exact Opposition/180°to Donnie's SUN - on 07th!
It started to work from 23-JUN-2017 (with a 01° Orb, which is okay for transits to natal positions) and will end on 25/JUL - so that's ONE FULL MONTH.
(BUT it will REturn again between 24-SEP to 24-OCT and be exact again on 11-OCT-2017!)
On the GRAPHICAL EPHEMERIS below you can see this marked as 1.
And since Trump has a SUN-MOON Opposition (and he therefore was born under a FULLMOON) and his MOON be exactly conjoined in AUG by SATURN, he'll be 'UNDER FIRE' the WHOLE TIME from 23-JUNE to 25-OCT-2017!

So around the 07th of JULY-2017 is highly likely an IMPORTANT DATE for Donnie - and what happened? 
- Only 4-5 days after that date - on 11/12-JUL-2017 - we can read that his 'funny son' Donald Trump JUNIOR was LYING - now the whole 'funny family' is in DEEP SHIT and on the way to DUMP-STATION.

MARS was/is conjunction to HIS Saturn-Venus Conjunction in Cancer between 09 - 14 and brings him a lot of PROBLEMS and maybe MELANIA-GATE might show up again. No break though: The SUN (which comes into conjunction with MARS!) is doing the SAME in the days between 15-18 of July!
So THESE days are most likely to be the WORST for TRUMP in July-2017: between 09-18... 
(Though I repeat: the WHOLE TIME between 23-JUN til 25-OCT is in general LOUSY for the TANGERINE NIGHTMARE...)

We are also going now towards the MARS-URANUS Square, which will be exact on 18 and then comes the SUN-URANUS square - exact on 21!

Expect TURBULENT DAYS/TIMES from now on (or latest from 14!) until early AUG-2017; but especially until 24-JUL.
(On 27-JUL the SUN-MARS Conjunction will be exact)

In AUG-2017 it seems to get EVEN WORSE for Trump - the early days look shabby and actually the WHOLE MONTH looks DISTURBING LOUSY for him - but MOST LIKELY the wortst DAYS/TIMES will be from 15-31-AUG-2017!

Here's a nice Graph-Eph:


1) = SATURN Opposition/180° his SUN in Gemini (JUL + AUG)
2) SATURN also in Conjunction to his MOON in Sagittarius (JUL + AUG)
3) MARS Conjuntion his SATURN and VENUS in Cancer (JUL)
4) SUN and then MARS his MARS and ASCENDANT plus MC (AUG)

(His SUN/MOON positions are equal to his MARS/SATURN positions in the 90° Graph-Eph/Dial of the INAUGURATION on 20th-JAN-2017!)     

Donald Trump Jr.'s emails undermine what the White House has been saying -
Donald Trumps Russland-Affäre: Trump Junior und Natalia Veselnitskaja - SPIEGEL ONLINE: (in german)
Donald Trump Jr.: Russland-Affäre spitzt sich zu -Video - (Demokraten sprechen von LANDESVERRAT) - SPIEGEL ONLINE: (in german)


May the stars be with us and especially with the US!
Tibor Bugetty/FAC (Fine Astrosoup Creator)

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