Samstag, 21. Juli 2018

* S&P Worldnews - The LOOOOONG Mars-Uranus Square (9 Weeks!)

(Due to the fact that Mars is retrograde - as seen from planet earth - from 26/June to end of AUG/2018)

With a 03°30' Orb MARS will be in non-harmonious Square/90° to URANUS from around 19th of JULY to around 26th SEP 2018...
About 9 WEEKS or 2 MONTHS and 1 WEEK!!!

MARS = Red line
URANUS = Light blue line
(45° Graphical Ephemeris - only Mars and Uranus shown; possible aspects: 45°, 135°, 90 and 180° plus 0°... )

We can see very easily that MARS is - with a 03°30' Orb - THE WHOLE TIME in Square/90° to URANUS from 19-JUL to 26-SEP!

- It shall be TWICE exact:

1) 02-AUG-2018 (Mars is RETROGRADE!)
(Mars turns from retro to direct on 26-AUG-2018)
2) 19-SEP-2018 (Mars is DIRECT AGAIN!)

(All dates/times are CEDT!)

As we know ACCIDENTS and CATASTROPHES are likely under 'negative' Mars-Uranus aspects. Also REBELLION and 'ANARCHY'.
Unusually strong individualism. 'Pigheadidness'. Sudden outbursts. FIRE. The FIGHT/Mars for FREEDOM/Uranus... Eccentricity. Oddities. Abnormal behaviour of machines/motors. Technical and mechanical incidents... EMERGENCY CASES. Tension and stress. Impulsive actions. Erratic happenings... Efforts to meet personal needs and interests. Accidental conditions (FIRE and COMPUTERS... exploding cars, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunami, Lava...) Ruthless, fast and furious, eccentric, odd and 'crazy/nuts'... Sudden and unexpected changes (often for worse), now u c it - now ye don't... 'I couldn't believe my eyes!'... 'It came out of the blue!'... the crazy/=uranus warrior/=mars...

some good things come with this aspect too: Usually it makes rather STRONG and brings a lot of ENERGY.... one doesn't give in easily even though changes mind often, it's good for sex and sports too, but one should be careful with sports not to risk to much!

It's usually NOT a 'TEAM-ASPECT' though - it's better for 'LONE WOLVES' and 'REBELS' out there in the woods... 😏 

There will be a PART 2 to this posting - mentioning/discussing the fact that NEPTUNE is ALSO joining the party and SATURN too...!


May the stars be with us and especially with the US!
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