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* S+P Worldnews: The looooong MARS-URANUS Square (Part 03)

(Part 03)

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With a 03°30' Orb MARS will be in non-harmonious Square/90° to URANUS from around 19th of JULY to around 26th SEP 2018...
About 9 WEEKS or 2 MONTHS and 1 WEEK!!!
AND: NEPTUNE is also joining - since URANUS is since 2017 several times semisquaring NEPTUNE:
AND: SATURN is also joining - via a harmonious Trine/120° to URANUS, as it did several times or even permanently between early DEC-16 to end of NOV-2017: 

MARS = Red line
URANUS = Light blue line
NEPTUNE = Pink line
SATURN = Indigo line
15° Graphical Ephemeris - only Mars, Uranus, Neptune and SATURN shown; possible aspects: (15°) 30°, 45°, 60°, (75°), 90°, (105°), 120°, 135°, 150°, (165°) and 180° plus 0°... 

We can see very easily that MARS is - with a 03°30' Orb - THE WHOLE TIME in Square/90° to URANUS from 19-JUL to 26-SEP!
We can also see that URANUS is semisquaring NEPTUNE (last time it was exact was around 10th of JUNE-2018)...
Therefore MARS is also semisqaring/45° NEPTUNE

SATURN will be in harmonious 120°/Trine to URANUS from early JULY to around MIDDLE of OCT, although it will never get exact.
BUT NEEEEEEAARLY EXACT in the middle to end of AUGUST: 

- It shall be NEVER exact,
but be MOST STRONGLY PROMINENT between around 11-AUG to 9th SEP, with the option that with the FULLMOON of 26th AUG it might be MOST POWERFUL, because the FULLMOON will be in EXACT TRINE to SATURN and URANUS... a GRAND TRINE between SUN (& MOON) SATURN and URANUS:

1) 02-AUG-2018 (Mars is squaring URANUS - RETROGRADE!)
1) 08-AUG-2018 (Mars is semisquaring NEPTUNE - retrograde) 
(Mars is entering in retrograde motion CAPRICORN on 13-AUG-2018)
(Mars turns from retro to direct on 26-AUG-2018)
(Mars is entering in direct motion AQUARIUS again on 11-SEP-2018)
(SATURN in Trine/120° to URANUS between 02 JUL to 20-OCT!)
2) 10/11-SEP-2018 (Mars is semisquaring NEPTUNE - direct) 
2) 19-SEP-2018 (Mars is squaring URANUS - DIRECT AGAIN!)

(All dates/times are CEDT!)

This is usually a VERY GOOD and 'THRIFTY' aspect...
it's combining the OLD/Tradition (Saturn) with the NEW/Modernity (Uranus) and can bring INVENTIONS and DISCOVERIES.
Resposibility and exciting new concepts go unusually well together now...
Well structured 'rebellions'...
Breakthroughs to new directions without unbeloved stress or any other negative side-effects...
To go for new and exciting interests in an orderly and structured manner...
Often new and refreshing opportunities/avenues will show up and it's easy to go for them without interruptions or scare someone... actually most of your friends and family/etc. will be of SUPPORT.

- It's also good for 'material/wordly stuff' like career or money and the like, although it usually doesn't mean MONEY or WEALTH by itself, but it might show up that it will be/was of high importance for/in the not so far-away-future...
It often brings stability AND change at the same time and in a refreshing but non-shaky mode!  

- Since the JUPITER-NEPTUNE Trine/120° will ALSO BE EXACT in the middle of AUGUST 2018, this Aug 2018 might be actually one of the most important months of this year 2018!...

On coming FULLMOON of 27th July ALL THOSE ASPECTS will be HIGHLIGHTED which were mentioned in post 01, 02 and 03/this one!

PPS: MERCURY will ALSO turn RETRO soon! - on 26th of this month/July... - It is moving already veeery slowly and standing still on 26th.

On 27th there will be a FULLMOON (which is also an ECLIPSE, which makes it usually more important and stronger) and it will HEFTILY HIGHLIGHT the MARS-URANUS Square - and the MARS+URANUS semisquare NEPTUNE...!


May the stars be with us and especially with the US!
Tibor Bugetty/FAC (Fine Astrosoup Creator)
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