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* S+P Worldnews: The loooong MARS-URANUS Square - Part 02

(and MARS-NEPTUNE Semisquare)
(Part 02)

(Dis da way to Part 01: The looooong MARS-URANUS Square (Part 01)

With a 03°30' Orb MARS will be in non-harmonious Square/90° to URANUS from around 19th of JULY to around 26th SEP 2018...
About 9 WEEKS or 2 MONTHS and 1 WEEK!!!
AND: NEPTUNE is also joining - since URANUS is since 2017 several times semisquaring NEPTUNE:

MARS = Red line
URANUS = Light blue line
NEPTUNE = Pink line
(45° Graphical Ephemeris - only Mars, Uranus and Neptune shown; possible aspects: 45°, 135°, 90 and 180° plus 0°... )

We can see very easily that MARS is - with a 03°30' Orb - THE WHOLE TIME in Square/90° to URANUS from 19-JUL to 26-SEP!
We can also see that URANUS is semisquaring NEPTUNE (last time it was exact was around 10th of JUNE-2018)...
Therefore MARS is also semisqaring/45° NEPTUNE

- It shall be TWICE exact:

1) 02-AUG-2018 (Mars is squaring URANUS - RETROGRADE!)
1) 08-AUG-2018 (Mars is semisquaring NEPTUNE - retrograde) 
(Mars is entering in retrograde motion CAPRICORN on 13-AUG-2018)
(Mars turns from retro to direct on 26-AUG-2018)
(Mars is entering in direct motion AQUARIUS again on 11-SEP-2018)
2) 10/11-SEP-2018 (Mars is semisquaring NEPTUNE - direct) 
2) 19-SEP-2018 (Mars is squaring URANUS - DIRECT AGAIN!)

So MARS is also semisquaring NEPTUNE ALL THE TIME from early AUG to around 19-SEP-2018...

(All dates/times are CEDT!)

As we know MARS and NEPTUNE fit rather very badly together - nearly in the same amount this is true with URANUS and NEPTUNE and it is especially true with HARD ASPECTS (0-45-90-135-180)...
(in SOFT aspects - 60 plus 120 - they fit much better, though)

MARS and URANUS badly placed to NEPTUNE brings often SUDDEN DISAPPOINTMENTS... unexpected LYING/betraying/fraud... weakness in a physical and/or psychological way (I catched a FLU - out of the BLUE!)... Accidents tend to come also OUT OF THE BLUE and thru hastyness, but since NEPTUNE joins it might often have to do also with DAYDREAMING, FORGETTING or just plain MISFITS. Machines/motors tend to suddenly DENY THEIR DUTY or because SOME HEINIE FORGOT TO CHECK SOMETHING or was DAYDREAMING WHILE WORKING... emergency cases who tend to be FUTILE... sudden accidents having to do with WATER and/or AIR (for example: a sudden fire on a cruiser...) - 'I suddenly realized it was awaste of time (effort/money)'... 'and then it became suddenly clear to me that IT WAS ALL FOR THE BIRDS'... 'it was nothing but SMOKE AND MIRRORS!'... sudden deviousness (active or passive). (Sudden) accidents through DISTRACTION. (Watching Youtube while driving a car = KA(R)WOOM !!!) 😏  
Computer Espionage!... Confusing and unexpected events with computers/board computers and machines/motors in general (computers/robots, motors/machines tend to behave in CONFUSING = Neptune and ODD = Uranus manner. They often don't do what they are expected to do - or do actually the OPPOSITE...)

- not a lot of good things come with this aspect: it CAN be (partly) good mainly for ARTISTS, ACTORS, DESIGNERS (and the like) because it STIMULATES FANTASY STRONGLY.... DAYDREAMING is actually good for those occupations - but it's usually NOT for most other professions... 

PS: Luckily SATURN will join the party too - and in a HARMONIOUS MANNER...! We will discuss this one in PART 3...

PPS: MERCURY will ALSO turn RETRO soon! - on 26th of this month/July... - It is moving already veeery slowly and standing still on 26th.
On 27th there will be a FULLMOON (which is also an ECLPISE, which makes it usually more important and stronger) and it will HEFTILY HIGHLIGHT the MARS-URANUS Square - and the MARS/URANUS semisquare NEPTUNE...!


May the stars be with us and especially with the US!
Tibor Bugetty/FAC (Fine Astrosoup Creator)
c) 2011-2018


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