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* S+P Worldnews: VENUS Sextil/60° PLUTO und dann VENUS Quinkunx/150° URANUS und... = Aktivierung des URANUS-PLUTO Quadrates/90°...

activated AGAIN
(by VENUS and MERCURY between DEC-16 to 25)

VENUS 060°/Sextil PLUTO (exact:17-DEC-2015):
Your interactions with others may be intense right now. Express yourself honestly and then step back and allow others to discover their truth. STable relationships with somehow 'influential' persons - often 'powerful'. Charismatic people.

VENUS 150°/Quinkunx URANUS (exact:19-DEC-2015)An exciting and/or creative person or project suddenly comes to light creating a little tension. Annoying events. Sudden unexpected and rather disturbing events often having to do with 'other people'. Your path is unpredictable. Go with the flow.

MERCURY 000°/Conjunction PLUTO (exact:19-DEC-2015)- Penetrating conversation. Power in speech. Persuasion. Talk of change and sexuality. Psychological issues. Exposure. Obsession with special themes. Fixation & Manipulation. Hidden/covered Domination. Propaganda. Secret Transformations... (Conspiracies/Phobias)

MERCURY 090°/Square URANUS (exact: 21-DEC-2015)
Mental tension. Annoying news. Unstability and constant changes. On the other hand rather stubborn and radical views. Those radical views will be often challenged. Interrupted communications. Unexpected and annoying/disturbing communications/news with others who are somehow 'extreme', 'radical' and 'stubborn'... Now you see - now ye don't!... Unpredictability and Stress. Sudden Happenings. (Eccentricities/Unusual Disorders)

URANUS 090°/Square PLUTO (exact: NOT GETTING EXACT ANYMORE, but in APPLYING ORB with 02° - 01°30' from 16 - 31-DEC-2015...)
This is a time of upheaval, stress and change. It's unfortunately also a time of SUDDEN UNCOMFORTABLE HAPPENINGS where one can feel like a 'ROLLING STONE' with little to no power for influence... Changes might occur where one feels 'UNDER SUDDEN PRESSURE'. You feel a burning desire to overhaul areas of your life, it is out with the old and in with the new. Radical, extreme and turbulent times with little to no time for rest... Unexpected events with dramatical power. Drastic and permanent changes - sometimes just for the sake of change. Not all of them will end well... We FORCE you to be FREE! (New Innovations, Inventions. Iconoclastic events, social Transformations...) (Rebellions, Revolutions, Demonstrations, Riots; sometimes warlike events...) (Panic and Phobia. Hysteria and Obsession. Turbulence and Pressure.)
(A good way to 'answer' those happenings and events is actually to TRY TO STAY AS COOL AND DETACHED AS POSSIBLE and DO EVERYTHING VEEEERY SLOOOOOOWLY - with INTENTION. If you will also become more stressed and 'under pressure' inside yourself - than a lot of the others will/might - that will make things LIKELY WORSE...)

We will ALSO have an UNUSUALLY LONG - by TIME - Square/90° between MERCURY and MARS from 22-DEC to 08/09-JAN-2016!
These are 18-19 DAYS!...
This is due to the fact, that MERCURY will turn RETROGRADE AGAIN...
On 05-JAN-2015.

This often means:
Impulsive reactions. Fast pace. Trouble, problems and irritations. Mechanical breakdowns. Verbal Fights and 'Wars'... Choleric Outbursts - usually via Words, sometimes via Fists. Verbal Explosions. Sharp mind with a sarcastic, biting undertone. 'Who's the BEST!!!?' Showoff and Showdown... (A lot of work can be done - especially via writing - but one is not in mood of teamplay. Avoid rashness and sudden actions especially while working with machines/etc. - they are likely to end in - minor - accidents...)
CARS and SCARS... (Fast and 'silly' driving might be 'in' now - don't indulge in it.) The FAST and the FURIUOS...
(You will OFTEN hear the sirens of police-cars and the fire department...)

And last but not least:

The timephase between 23-DEC-2015 to 10-JAN-2016 is LIKELY to be BAD - esepcially HEALTHWISE - for the KING OF THAILAND...
(as written in my post from 05-DEC-2015 about KIng Bhumipol Adulyadej's 88th Birthday)

Such will be the days for THE REST OF DECEMBER 2015...

Astronomische/Astrologische Uhr zu ULM/Germany

May the stars be with us!
Tibor Bugetty/FAC (Fine Astrosoup Creator)

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