Montag, 30. Januar 2017

* S+P Worldnews (under MERCURY-URANUS-PLUTO) Donald TRUMP must be CAREFUL!... or: 'He's Got the SALAD !' ;-)

'Or you've got the SALAD, Donnie!'
That's how some GERMANS try to explain english speaking
persons that YOU'RE IN TROUBLE
('Da haben wir den Salat!')
- meaning actually:


In my JANUARY-FORECAST (which was written END of DEC-2016) I've mentioned that the FOLLWING DATES shall be important for JANUARY-2017:

... (see for ALL DATES my JANUARY 2017 Forecast HERE)


27-31 and into FEB-02-2017!
(If DJ TRUMPlstiltskin should be in the Oval Office then, THESE are days he will very likely GO ON A RAMPAGE. - Though we don't know if by intention or not - because HE doesn't know so, too...)

WELL: It was more or less exactly THESE DATES who were most important in JANUARY-2017:

the MARS-SATURN Square was exact - coinciding with the INAUGURATION of TRUMPLSTILTSKIN (some also call him 'president'....!) and SINCE then 'WE'VE GOT THE SALAD!' (in german: 'Nun haben wir den SALAT!') meaning: 'THE FAT'S IN THE FIRE'!...

In about 5-7 days this WEIRDO made it from one mishap to another - ending in HIS FIRST BIG CRISIS (only after 6 days in office!) of his PRESIDENCY.
First came the WALL and the came the BAN - all at the last days of JANUARY 2017 - as mentioned in my JAN-2017 Forecast...

From NOW on it all WILL BECOME WORSE - until middle/end of APRIL-2017... then it might get a bit better, but will turn sour again end of summer and fall 2017...

FEBRUARY will be BAD (especially the SECOND HALF) and MARCH quite likely even WORSE than FEB-2017...
(In the worst case, we might find ourselves in a situation quite likely the one we had 3 years ago - end of FEB/early MAR-2014, when PUTIN annexed the KRIM-Island...)

Now, you müssen passen auf, Heinie - capicse?!
You must be VERY CAREFUL or a special Sonderkommando... 


It was one of the WORST WEEKS in the whole damn US-History...
(that is since 240 years!...)
20-27-JAN-2017 (week 01)


May the stars be with us - but NOT with Donald TRUMPUS!
Tibor Bugetty/FAC (Fine Astrosoup Creator)
c) 2011-2017


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