Sonntag, 1. Januar 2017

* S+P Worldnews: (under SUN-PLUTO and MARS-NEPTUNE) ISTANBUL's Reina nightclub TERROR-ATTACK 'leaves 39 dead' (via BBC News)


Istanbul new year Reina nightclubattack 'leaves 39 dead'

Unfortunately I was right again - check my latest NEW MOON REPORT of DEC-29/2016 (in GERMAN; you can let it trabslate via Google's Translator)
2017 will be the YEAR of the DUMBS ALL OVER - AND A LITTLE UGLY ON THE SIDE...

Chart will follow:
Yep, it WAS URANUS,PLUTO, the SUN and MERCURY plus ASC and MC again...
(URANUS near Opposition to ASCENDANT, JUPITER at ASC, PLUTO Squaring both (jupiter/uranus)
(ASCENDANT/URANUS midpoint 90° MC/PLUTO midpoint!) 

Time was - according to the link above from BBC: 'about 01h30m local time'...
Terror-Heinie ist still ON THE RUN...

(I guess soon DJ TRUMP - the worlds first TWEETY-DENT - will send out one of his imbecile sentences, like: 'It will NEVER STOP, told ya so! Brussels, Paris, Paris again and maybe one day Paris Hilton! and then ORAL-LANDO, then Buh-lin, then Kayseri, then Ankara and now Istanbul again... and it will never stop!' He actually said that one, but he forgot to mention WHAT he wanted to tell us with those words... does it mean it will never stop, because HE IS DOING SOMETHING??? - Or WHAT, DONNIE???...)

2017 STARTS as forecasted.


May the stars be with us!
Tibor Bugetty/FAC (Fine Astrosoup Creator)
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