Sonntag, 28. August 2016

* S+P Worldnews: MERCURY retrograde + NEWMOON/Eclipse + SATURN-NEPTUNE Square... (and...)

MERCURY retrograde
(One of THESE 30? Days!) 

Mercury will become RETROGRADE (as always  for about three weeks, that’s up to 22-SEP-2016) on AUG/30-2016, but one can feel this already 5 days before - so that’s about DO/25-Aug... (And also a good 5 days AFTER it turned DIRECT again - so until about 27-SEP-2016...)

Nearly the SAME TIME - on 01-SEP/2016 – there’s a NEWMOON again (which is also an Eclipse this time, which usually strengthens the influence) and this Newmoon is rather unfavourably aspecting the stressful SATURN-NEPTUNE Square/90°...

The Saturn-Neptune square is going tob e exact on 10-SEP/2016 (CEST – Central European Summer Time) the THIRD and LAST time since end of NOV-2015…
- However, because on NEWMOON of 01-SEP it will be 'quasi exact' all the time until the Square between Saturn and Neptune itself is exact – on 10/SEP-2016!

At the SAME TIME a Square/090 ° between the SUN and MARS is going to be formed in the sky, which will be a large part of SEP-2016 in ACTION.
With a 03° it will start on 01-SEP, become EXACT on 13-SEP and will be of influence until 22-SEP!
(That’s about the very same time, when MERCURY turn DIRECT again – on 21/22-SEP...)

At the beginning of AUTUMN/Fall 2016 the Square between SATURN and NEPTUNE will still be quite exact with only a separating 01° Orb…
It is even on 30-SEP still only 01°42' yb a separative Orb from it’s exact Square on 10-SEP…
Even the SUN-MARS Square is with a separative 05°ORB working until 28-SEP and MERCURY will still be in ‚debilitated condition‘ until 27-SEP.
(Remember: Give 05 days PLUS after and before MERCURY turns direction!... The very same is true for VENUS and MARS, for Mars you can/must actually give 7-10 days!)

We see now:

SEP-2016 shall become quite likely an IMPORTANT MONTH – due to the fact of this STRANGE TRINITY:

1) NEWMOON with ‚saddening-nebulous‘ SATURN-NEPTUNE Square
(Newmoon = 01-SEP / Saturn-Neptune 90° = 10-SEP)

2) and 'changeable-fickle' MERCURY getting retrograde…
(From 30-AUG until 22-SEP +/- 5 Days before/after)

3) and the 'activ-explosive' SUN-MARS Square!
(On 13-SEP exact; active from 01 - 22/27-SEP/2016 with a 03-05° Orb)

JUPITER is going to change on 09/10-SEP from ‚dull-but-thrifty‘ VIRGO into (sometimes!) lovely LIBRA, where it fits quite a LARGE PIECE BETTER!... 





May the stars be with us!
Tibor Bugetty/FAC (Fine Astrosoup Creator)
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