Freitag, 5. August 2016

* S+P Worldnews: TODAY (05-AUG-2016) VENUS enters VIRGO (and is going to form a Square/90° to MARS soon...) (in ENGLISH language)


Today (FR/05-AUG-2016) at 17h27m (CEST/ Central European Summer Time!) lovely VENUS enters the sign of VIRGO.

But in Virgo VENUS does not fit too well, because she has quite a different character than VRIGO does.
(The sign Virgo is somehow too 'dry' and 'brittle', 'humorless‘ and 'meticulous' for the way more gregarious, cheerful and sometimes a little bit lazy Venus who likes also Parties and Luxury...) ;-)

- Also Venus will form at nearly the very same time a Sesquisquare/135°aspect to  PLUTO - tomorrow on SA/06-AUG-2016 at 03h39m CEST. And on her travel thru Virgo she’s going to make a Square/90° to MARS in Sagittarius – on 07-AUG-2016 at 02h19m CEST.

It also does not look well the next two weeks for VENUS - until approximately to 18/19-August.
(SA/13-AUG: 135° to URANUS and 90° to SATURN... then: SO/14-AUG she’ll be in opposition/180° to illusory NEPTUNE...)

- But from then on (18/20-AUG-2016), lovely VENUS is quite likely to be in VERY GOOD CONDITION!... (MERCURY-VENUS-JUPITER conjunction at the end of VIRGO!...)

Transiting Venus enters Virgo:
Good for practical relationships. Good for WORKING in the GARDEN and HOUSE: VIRGO likes it CLEAN and PERFECT and VENUS likes it BEAUTIFUL & ELEGANT!...
Good for 'money-stuff' and anything having to do with ORDER, CLEANING, DETAILS, and PRACTICAL stuff. Good for HEALTH-CHECKS - but in this Venus-in-Virgo Phase/2016 maybe better from/after 18/20 of August!...
Good for detailed/ analytical conversations with your LOVE or loved ones.
- Visiting friends/ relationships on a more 'DUTY' level...

VENUS is in Square/90° to MARS between 02/03-AUG to 10/11-AUG! (with a 3-4° orb/tolerance) and might bring SEXUAL ATTRACTION but also often LOVE and HATE or even heavy DISPUTES and AGGRESSION.
In some (severe) cases it might end up with BATTLES and physical harm; like RAPING or BEATING. Since VENUS is also in 135°/Sesquisquare to PLUTO this tendency is even more likely...
(On the other hand, this combination between VENUS and MARS often comes also with a STRONG DESIRE FOR LOVE - though not always in a very gentle way... - and a HIGH SEX-DRIVE and ACTIVE PARTYING! ;-)

(TEXT by TIBOR BUGETTY /08-2016)

Oh my lovely VENUS!
(only a BIT smaller than our planet EARTH)

Left: VENUS / Right: EARTH

(Direction to our SUN)

Prognose fur den AUGUST 2016
NEUMOND in LÖWE vom 02-AUG-2016
The Square/90° between SATURN and NEPTUNE in 2016 (part 02)
(in english language)

The STARS are out-for AUGUST 2016
The MOON is out for AUGUST 2016

Stay tuned and may the stars be with you!
Tibor Bugetty/FAC (Fine Astrosoup Creator)
c) 2011-2016


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