Montag, 22. August 2016

* S+P Worldnews: The REST of AUGUST 'UNDER PRESSURE'? (MARS - and SUN - will activate the SATURN-NEPTUNE Square 'til SEP/04)

Rest of AUGUST 2016:


Actually it is more the REST OF AUGUST and the FIRST 3-4 DAYS of SEPTEMBER 2016...
(and it started actually around 15/16th of AUGUST)

I've mentioned it in my AUG-2016 forecast:

24th of AUG the MARS-SATURN Conjunction/000 is EXACT
and on FR/
26th of AUG-2016 the MARS-NEPTUNE Square/090 is EXACT
and on TU
30th of AUG-2016 the MARS-NODE Square/090 is EXACT...

You must give minimum a 03° degree Orb=Tolerance BEFORE and often also AFTER, which in TIME in THIS case will work out like that:
15/17-AUG to 31-AUG-2016...
Since the SUN is going to activate the SATURN-NEPTUNE Square too at the end of AUG and early SEP-2016, it is likely to be til 03-04-SEP-2016...

Also: the SATURN-NEPTUNE Square will be EXACT - the third and last time since end of NOV-2015 - on SEP/10-2016.
The NEPTUNE-NODE Opposition will be EXACT on NOV/03-2016.

(SUN will enter VIRGO today/22-AUG 18h38m CEST!)
(SUN will be sesquisquaring/135° PLUTO today/22-AUG 23h55m CEST!)
(MARS will be sesquisqauring/135° URANUS tomorrow/23-AUG 09h14m CEST) 
- MARS Conjunction SATURN on WE/24-AUG 13h26m CEST:
Discipline and endurance. Waiting...waiting...waiting. Control and pressure. (acive/passive) 'A hard rain is gonna come'... Delays and hindrance. Frustration and pessimism. Anger who's blocked - until it finally.... - Hard work (sometimes for nothing). Pain. Stiff muscles. Accidents and probelms with machines/motors. Pushin' it quite likely will not work! Wait 'til later... ('Sometimes you get so lonely - sometimes you get nowhere') - For the BOYS: Bad sex performance. A typical 'loser's aspect'!... (ONE of the WORST aspect who's out there...)
(VENUS will be quinkunxing/150° URANUS on TH/25-AUG-2016 11h07h CEST!)
- MARS Square NEPTUNE on FR/25-AUG-2016 08h56m CEST:
Escapism (often thourgh drugs/alcohol). Dreamy. Up-up in smoke... Tiredness. Forgetfullness. 'WHERE you have your head today??!??` - Tendency to become sick (Allergies!) 'Low batteries'. Pushin'it won't work! Take 'a day off' if you can! Easily discouraged. Be cautious of betrayers and liars! Mishaps and 'bad luck' ('Sometimes you get so lonely - sometimes you get nowhere'). For the BOYS: Low sex-drive, Impotence. In rare/extreme cases: sexual dieseases/infections. THE typical 'loser's aspect'! (ONE of the WORST aspects who's out there...! In my eyes and experience EVEN WORSE than 'bad Mars-Saturn'-aspects!...) 

- Don't be surprised if MARKETS will GO DOWN further as they do (DOW and DAX especially; SP is in a range...) since MO/15th-AUG-2016!...

They might do so until the SATURN-NETPUNE square is exact again on SEP-10...
(It could be also that SEP-10 - for markets FR-09 OR/AND MO/13! - is a IMPORTANT DATE in ANY WAY/DIRECTION...)

MARS - ruler of ACTION & WAR

SATURN - ruler of DUTY & TIME


May the stars be with us!
Tibor Bugetty/FAC (Fine Astrosoup Creator)
c) 2011-2016


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