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* S+P Worldnews: DANGEROUS and HECTIC Times between 27-JUN to 13-JUL-2017! (or even...)


Times between
27-JUN to 13-JUL-2017
(and quite likely even into the early days of AUGUST!)

Due to the fact that we will have between 26/27 of JUNE until 13-JUL-2017 nearly ALL THE TIME CONTINOUSLY 'dangerous' aspects ther is a high TENDENCY that TIMES WILL END UP 'EXPLOSIVE' 'DANGEROUS' and 'HECTIC/STRESSY'.

EMERGENCY CASES should be highlighted - and also 'UNDER PRESSURE' and 'TERROR' ACTS...

With a 03° the whole time is likely to be from 26-JUN to 13-JULY (even into EARLY AUGUST!):

- It starts with a

* MERCURY-MARS Conjunction/exact: 28-JUN
(starts: 26! ends: 01-JUL-2017 - with 03° Orb)
(Accidents, Rash movements, Aggressive actions, Boldness, Stubbornness, Fire, 'pirate-style' business-endeavours, 'talk him to death'... Attacks=Mars having to do with Mail/Emails=Mercury... Cybercriminality.) (having a sharp tongue, sarcastic, belligerent - sometimes malicious... martial)

* MERCURY-PLUTO Opposition/exact: 30-JUN
(starts: 28-JUN! ends: 02-JUL-2017 - with 03° Orb)
'Under Pressure', Blackmail, Exploitation, speak softly - but carry a big stick... (sometimes KIDNAPPING/ABDUCTIONS - because of the 'BLACKMAIL' theme: putting someone UNDER PRESSURE... this is more or less true for ALL 'BAD' PLUTO-Aspects...) (Fanatism, Obessesions) (Manipulation with WORDS)

* MARS-PLUTO Opposition/exact: 02-JUL
(starts: 26/27-JUN! ends: 07-JUL-2017)
'Under Pressure', the WORKAHOLIC, the SEXAHOLIC, Fanatism, Obsessions, Overpowered, Oversexed, Brutality, Exploitation, Mobbing, Manipulation, Terror-Attacks, Murder, Massmurders, the ARMY, the Killer, in general one of the MOST DANGEROUS aspects (together with MARS-URANUS)! (superhuman powers/forces, extremely strong and enduring, unkapputbar:unbreakbale, 'MUST' win! - 'To be number 2 is LOSING'... martial. (MALICIOUS!)

* MERKUR-URANUS Square/exact: 05-JUL
(starts: 03-JUL! ends: 07-JUL-2017)
Sudden and 'bad' happenings, stressful events, rash events, accidents, sudden (and mostly 'bad') surprises, stress, hectic, turmoil, turbulences, sudden incidents with computers/machines & mail/emails, the typical 'now-you-see-it-now-you-don't phenomena aspect... incidences, coincidences (bad/silly ones), accidents= explosions=crashes=malfunctions, computer crashes, instability, erratic and anomalous. the outcast. rebellious. excentric. Provocations... opportunistic...contradictory...hyper nervous, crazy... off-and-on it goes... (sometimes attacks - often in the name of freedom/rebellion. like liberation armies/separatist groups as the IRA or ETA and the like...)

* SUN-PLUTO Opposition/exact: 10-JUL
(starts: 06-JUL! ends: 13-JUL. VENUS is joing too - via 45/135°aspect!)
(FULLMOON on 09-JUL - will be influenced by the SUN-PLUTO Opposition! Also the next NEWMOON will be badly - and dangerously! -influenced, since it will be in conjunction with MARS and in Square with URANUS! So BOTH Moonphases this JUly-2017 will be 'dangerous'...)
'Under Pressure', Manipulation and Blackmail, Power and Force - often in a 'bad' way... Physically and psychologically extremely strong, tendecy to become OBSESSED, Fanatic, overexcited/hyped. sometimes malicious! BIRD SINK OR SWIM...

then it's OVER - or well: MAYBE NOT!?

Because from around 12 of July there will be forming a MARS-URANUS Square (ending around 23 July) and a SUN-MARS Conjunction... beginning around 16 of July and ending around 3/5 AUG-2017!...
There will ALSO be a SUN-URANUS Square - starting from 17 of July - being exact on 21 - and ending around 24


(Actually the WHOLE TIME-SPAN will be going from around 26 of JUNE to 04 of AUGUST 2017... - roughly full 5 WEEKS!...)

A lot of 'bad' MARS-Power/Themes will be showing up between 26 of JUNE to 04-AUG-2017!
(With heavy PLUTO and URANUS undertones!)


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May the stars be with us - but NOT with Donald TRUMPUS!
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