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* S+P Worldnews: London/Grenfell Tower fire - Death toll rises to 17 but 'no more survivors' (via BBC News)


London fire: Death toll rises to 17 but 'no more survivors' - BBC News:


Fire Brigade was - according to BBC - informed first time at 00h54m on 14-JUN-2017 LT/BST. (They/FB were at GRENFELL TOWER around 7 minutes later - so that would be 01h01m...)

THAT time was of course NOT the time when the fire broke out!

I don't konw if they can find out WHEN the fire started (but I'm quite sure, they CAN find out BECAUSE OF WHAT it broke out...)...

- But when I check the times between 23h50m (13-JUN-2017) to 00h50m (on 14-JUN) I'm quite sure it must have been somewhere between 00h15m to 00h30m...

Between these 15 minutes from 00h15 to 00h30m MC was aspecting URANUS (MC 135° UR), Mercury (MC 180° ME) and Neptune (MC 90° NE)...

And the same time ASCENDENT was aspecting MARS. (ASC 135° MA)

The heavily aspected NEPTUNE (Mercury Square/90°Neptune and URANUS Semisquare/45° Neptune - and by the way Mercury Semisquare/45° Uranus) suggests that something was FORGOTTEN = NEPTUNE ('badly' aspected)...

Quite likely also because of some kind of STRESS or kinda INTERRUPTION (both: Uranus!)...

Chart might follow.


(on WE/14-JUN-2017)
(Foto by/via REUTERS/BBC)

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