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* S+P Worldnews: Ex-Chancellor HELMUT KOHL dies under SUN-SATURN Opposition (and...)

Ex-Chancellor (of Germany)
dies on FR/16-JUN-2017
(in the morning; exact Time unknown to me) under a SUN-SATURN Opposition AND whilst JUPITER is activating HIS SUN-SATURN Square!

So this is what I call a 'PIMPER':

This is a special form of TRANSITS - when an aspect shows up in the heavens and one has a simliar one in his/her natal-chart - like we had it now with Helmut KOHL.

This doesn't show up with DEATH only - but often.
(It can happen also with other important events - also 'good ones' of course)
Frank ZAPPA for example dies in DEC-1993 - under a SATURN-PLUTO aspect and HE had a SATURN-PLUTO Square by BIRTH...

and so on.

This is a different way of transits, since they don not need to make ASPECTS to your natal chart - they just represent the same theme...
I for example have a SUN-MARS conjunction/aspect, and often when there is a SUN-MARS aspect in the heavens (even without making an important aspect to my natal chart) this tends to be an important time. There will be another sun-mars aspect ithis coming JULY.
- I have also a SUN (and MARS and MERCURY)-URANUS Trine/aspect - so foten SUN-URANUS, MARS-URANUS and MERCURY-URANUS aspects in the sky are important for me...

KOHL also had his SA (SUN-ARC) directed PLUTO activating his SUN-SATURN Square!
This one was nearly exact: SA-PLUTO from LIBRA was 00°03' (sep.) his SATURN in CAPRICORN...

Regarding KOHL:

There are unfortunately 2 times of BIRTH:

One with 07h00m (via SCHOFIELED) and one with 06h30m (via RODDEN - check ASTRO.COM/ASTRODATABANK.COM) - 06h30 seems to be the exact one - or the MORE exact one...

Natal chart and COD/Chart of Death are likely to follow.

Helmut KOHL

(Ex-Chancellor of GERMANY)
dies with 87
on FR/16-JUN-2017 'in the morning'.


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