Dienstag, 6. Juni 2017

* S+P Worldnews: The WORST DAYS for Donald TRUMP in JUNE-2017

Donald TRUMP
in JUNE-2017:

DJ TRUMP and the Planets in JUNE-2017

His worst days are likely to be between 07-18 of JUNE-2017!

The SUN will be placed 'badly' to HIS Sun-Uranus-Moon-Node Conjunction/Opposition - since this Sun is going to form an OPPOSITION to SATURN in the sky - exact on 15th of June - just 1 day after his SILLY 71. BIRTHDAY!!
(FULLMOON on 09 will be only 01° away from his URANUS! - meaning 'SHOCKING SENSATIONS!)

The very same time - between 11-18 of June - MARS will be 'badly' placed to his lying MERCURY-NEPTUNE Square!
Meaning that LIES will be an IMPORTANT THEME in these days!

At the end of June - between 23-30 - MERCURY and later the SUN will be 'badly placed' to his silly lying MERCURY-NEPTUNE Square, meaning again that THEMES having to do with LIES will show up!...

To the END of JUNE-2017 SATURN in the sky will come nearer and nearer in EXACT Opposition to his SUN in Gemini - being exact on 07th of JULY - so he might end up LYING DEAD IN BED on 04th of JULY!?
(As we all know - 'bad' SATURN aspects to the SUN often bring - sometimes serious! - HEALTH PROBLEMS; and even 'DA DONALD? will have to DIE SOME DAY...)

That was it, boys and girls!

Sula vie milejo... 



May the STARS be with us - but not with Donald Trumpus!!!!!!!!

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