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*S+P Worldnews: The LONDON BRIDGE/BOROUGH MARKET Attack in LONDON on 03-JUN-2017 (with Event Chart!)

7 killed and about 48 hospitalized in latest UK-Terrorist-Attack
(On 03-JUN-2017 at exactly 22h07m LT/BST - at least according to Police and BBC!)
IMPORTANT UPDATE: According to the POLICE of LONDON, the Attack started at 21h58m LT/BST!

(And YEP: IF time is correct, we have nearly EXACTLY the same 'picture' again, as we had in MANCHESTER!
It's nearly unbelievable - but MARS is AGAIN at DESCENDANT and URANUS again at IC!!! See Chart below!

Quick Facts here - via BBC
(according to the TANGERINE NIGHTMARE 'another Beauty' - he means a 'Mainstream-Lier-Company' - so be careful!!!
- Woahahahaaaa! 😆😅😉 ) 

London attack: What we know so far - BBC News:
First Attack was 22h07 LT/BST on SA/03-JUN-2017 in London - according to BBC News!

And here comes 'DA EVENT-CHART'! :

It's nearly UN-BE-LIEVABLE!

MARS (again!) at DSC (= setting) and
URANUS (again!) at IC (Imum Coeli = lowest/can't be seen = midnight point) and SATURN at ASC (rising - similar to SUNRISE!)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: According to the POLICE of LONDON, the Attack started at 21h58m LT/BST!
(THIS brings URANUS nearly exakt to the IC!!!)

We remember my post about the Attack in MANCHESTER:

Here the link to my 'Manchester-Post':
Exact Chart for the Manchester Attack

As I found out in the last 2 hours, there was also PANIC (Stampede) in TURIN in ITALY yesterday night (Sa/03-JUN-2017) - with more 1500 injured persons - 3 of them heavily.
(A 7? yrs old boy is in risk of death!)

NO TIME given (OR I didn't find one until now, but WHAT I saw in the net was a TWEET by an Italian citizen where the time-stamp was 22h21m - so it the event MUST have been bit BEFORE...

IF it was 22h15 - well you won't believe it - but THEN it will have nearly the VERY SAME Chart than the even more tragic event at nearly the same time in Llundain/LONDON!!!
(I will find the EXACT TIME out in the next few days...)

Turin stampede: '1,500 injured' at Juventus screening - BBC News:

May the stars be with us - and with the UK!

- By the way: MARS entered a bit more than 1 hour ago the sign of CANCER: At 18h16m CE/S/T - an important time for the US (having the SUN there) and many other Countries - like UK and FRANCE (MOON there, SUN in Libra/F, SUN in Capricorn/UK), PR CHINA (having URANUS there - squaring their SUN in LIBRA - and the SAME is true for GERMANY, who has also their SUN lIbra and URANUS in Capricorn. It is also an important time for GREECE - having a lot of Planets in ARIES - including their SUN! and a few ones in Capricorn...

Also TODAY - the SUN-NEPTUNE Square is EXACT - and will be of influence 3-4 days more - remember: NEPTUNE means SECRET/S (SERVICES) - COMEY shall talk next week they said!!!

(The END is NIGH - beginning at the END OF MAY!...)





May the STARS be with us - but not with Donald Trumpus!!!!!!!!

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