Sonntag, 11. Juni 2017

* S+P Worldnews: On BONKERS-Day (14-JUN-2017/BDAY of DJ COVFEFE TRUMP) there is SLAUGHTER IN THE AIR!

Soon it will be world-wide

(On 14-JUN-2017 - the 71. BDay of a being called Donald J. 'Covfefe' TRUMP - which is actually an unimportant REAL-ESTATE HEINIE who is a lousy LOSER and a shabby LIER; some say he's the POTUS... I say he's the AOTUS! Woahahahaaaaaa!)

On this BONKERS DAY there will be a near 100% exact SUN-SATURN Opposition AND a near exact MERCURY-NEPTUNE Square!....

- Meaning that his next/following year of life will be FULL OF TROUBLES and DIFFICULTIES. HINDRANCE and FRUSTRATION - and maybe also topped with HEALTH PROBLEMS or even DEATH...
(Since this is a SUN-REVOLUTION Chart - those aspects will be very personally for DJ Covfefe TRUMP... Exact SOLAR-Chart will follow and World-Wide BONKERS-DAY!)

The MERCURY-NEPTUNE Square is actually a REPETION-Game - because his LIARNESS has exactly the very same aspect by BIRTH!

Will likely mean he's LYING MORE-N-MORE-N-MORE until he's f***ed!
It means ALSO that SECRET SERVICES/and similar instituitions will play an important role...NEPTUNE is THE PLANET of SECRETS... PLUTO is THE PLANET of MANIPULATION. So NEPTUNE is mainly the planet of SECRETS - and therefore also of SECRET SERVICES! - while PLUTO is number 2!
(It's clearly a mixture - but NEPTUNE comes first because it's more 'nebulous' and secretive than PLUTO - PLUTO can be sometimes quite powerful and putting 'UNDER PRESSURE' - which most people CAN FEEL... with NEPTUNE it is so INVISIBLE and HIDDEN that MOST PEOPLE end up fooled.
(By the way: The US has a MARS-NEPTUNE Square and they say it has about up to 30 different SECRET SERVICES!...It also has a MERCURY-PLUTO Opposition!... AND: Vladimir PUTIN has a SUN-MERCURY-NEPTUNE Conjunction and PLUTO directly at his MC. As you might know he was a successful secret agent for the KGB/Committee for State Security/former russian secret service in the 80ies in BERLIN/Germany!     

I'm sure TRUMP will not be able to shake off the COMEY-RUSSIA-'problem'!...
WHY did he actually 'CALL THOSE SPIRITS'? 
Because he's dimwitted?
Because someone TOLD him to do so (Bannon?)
Because he thinks he's RICHARD NIXON? 
Because he thinks WATERGATE is the capital of HEIKI-PEIKI???!

We will quite likely NEVER FIND OUT! 

'Till LATER/SOON - Have a nice SUNDAY! 



1 + 1 is 11!
2 + 2 is 22!

(Graphical Art/TEXT c. 2017 by Tibor Tausz-Weber aka Tibor Bugetty!)
(The PICTURE is actually NOT DONE BY ME!)

Wonderful piece of ART!
Cartoon by P.BYRNES
It also confirms my rhyme/song I created in JANUARY-2017!!! ;-)

'Yellow Hair - orange Skin
kinda ALIEN - not my next-a-kin
(also now mexicin ;-)!)
Has got some towers - but no real powers...
heard he's into


May the STARS be with us - but not with Donald Trumpus!!!!!!!!

(c) 2011 - 2017 by Tibor Bugetty/aka Tibor Tausz-Weber.


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