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* ROBIN WILLIAMS is DEAD. (Under bad SATURN - and bad URANUS/ PLUTO influences - he quite likely committed SUICIDE)


Actor Robin Williams Is Dead at 63 of Suspected Suicide - ABC News: (english)

Only 1 day after the 'sad' Fullmoon (The Fullmoon of SU/10-AUG-2014 was squaring 'depressive' SATURN) actor ROBIN WILLIAMS committed suicide.
SATURN was making stressful/(bad) aspects to his PLUTO-MERCURY-MIDHEAVEN Conjunction: That was between middle of DEC-2013 to middle of JUN-2014...
SATURN came into his 1. House in OCT-2013 - doing the squares from there to his PLUTO-MERCURY-MIDHEAVEN Conjunction.
The URANUS-PLUTO Square was opposing (Pluto) and squaring (Uranus) his MARS-URANUS-JUPITER-NEPTUNE T - Square between FEB-2013 until his death from yesterday/MO-11-AUG-2014...

(Only 1 year ago his progressed - and sun-arc-directed - SUN was in CONJUNCTION to his natal SATURN in Virgo. Also 1 year ago his sun-arc-directed ASCENDANT - which was by birth in semisquare/45° to his SATURN - was opposing his MARS-URANUS conjunction. AND: His progressed ASCENDANT was at the time of his Death SQUARING his SATURN - quite exact, with an orb of 24 minutes/applying...)

It looks like he fell into depression - and maybe drug/alcohol-abuse - between FEB-2013 until yesterday - quite likely becoming too much somewhere between DEC-2013 to JUN-2014...
He went into a rehab in early days of JUL-2014.
It probably made things worse...
(According to his bio - like on wikipedia - Robin Williams had problems with drugs and especially with alcohol since minimum end of the 70ies.)

RIP, Robin!

(I liked him as an actor and thought of him as a BRILLIANT one)


Here you can read more about the month of AUGUST: AUGUST-2014 Prognose (in german - let it translate. You can choose this option on the right side of the blog)
Might also be of interest - the FULLMOON of 10-AUG-2014: Vollmond in Löwe vom 10-AUG-2014
(in german - let it translate. You can choose this option on the right side of the blog)

Following is the NATAL CHART of Robin and the chart when marine County Communications received the 911 call.
- And also the chart of the past FULLMOON from SU/10-AUG-2014:

Robin Williams
(21-JUL-1951 to 11-AUG-2014)

Natal Chart of

(born 21-JUL-1951 at 13h34m/01.34PM in Milwaukee/Wisconsin)

On August 11, 2014, at approximately 11:55 am, Marin County Communications received a 9-1-1 telephone call reporting a male adult had been located unconscious and not breathing inside his residence in unincorporated Tiburon, CA.
(This time - or 5 to 10 minutes earlier - was likley also Robin's Time of Death...)

UPDATE from WE/13-AUG-2014: It looks like Robin Williams was found in his bed DEAD by his staff around 11.00 - so he must have died BEFORE 11h00m/11AM. That means: 11h55m CANNOT be the time of his death...

(His wife left the house around 10h30m/10.30AM - thinking that Robin is still sleeping. Staff knocked the bedroom-door at 11h00m..)

Der VOLLMOND vom 10. August 2014 auf 18°02 WASSERMANN/LÖWE um 16h12m CEDT/MESZ
Der Vollmond selbst steht dieses mal NICHT in direkter Verbindung zum URANUS-PLUTO Quadrat - wie man im obigen Chart sehen kann...

Er steht ABER in problematischer Verbindung zum 'depressiven' SATURN (090°).
Zusammen mit dem MERKUR...

Der VOLLMOND vom 10. August 2014 auf 18°02 WASSERMANN/LÖWE um 16h12m CEDT/MESZ
Hier mit ALLEN Aspekten zwischen ALLEN Planeten.

(Hier sieht man schön, dass der VOLLMOND nicht nur im Quadrat/90° zum SATURN steht, sondern AUCH im Trigon/120° zum URANUS - was jedoch BEDINGT, dass der SATURN immer noch recht exakt im 'zwickmühlenartigen' Quinkunx/150° zum URANUS steht, was oft Unfälle, starke Spannungen - mit genau so plötzlichen Entladungen jener - und eine 'kühl-bitter-sarkastische Note' mit sich bringt...)

(Graphical Ephemeris and nearly all other Graphics and Charts done with Astro-Software SOLAR FIRE v8)

May the stars be with ROBIN WILLIAMS!
Tibor Bugetty/FAC (Fine Astrosoup Creator)
c) 2011-2014


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