Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2016

* S+P Worldnews: Debbie REYNOLDS (Mother of Carrie FISHER) dies 1 Day after her DAUGHTER DIED!

(Mother of Carrie FISHER)
dies 1 Day after her DAUGHTER DIED!

Debbie Reynolds died on 28-DEC-2016 around 13h00m in L.A.
(Actually the time is maybe NOT the exact time of death, but according to WIKIPEDIA it was the time someone in the house of TODD FISHER - Son of Reynolds - called emergency...)

Debbie REYNOLDS (left)
and her daughter
Carrie FISHER (right)
sometime in 2015

(Horoscopes of Reynolds and Reynolds DEATH might follow)

Astro: MARS was bringing her a lot of STRESS the last days from DEC-23 to DEC-27, when she (Reynolds) had to learn that her daughter Carrie FISHER catched a HEART ATTACK on DEC-23 and she then actually died on DEC-27...
MARS was in 45/135° Modus to Reynolds URANUS-PLUTO Square, while URANUS was actually on HER URANUS, too...

At her own death MARS was in OPPOSITION to her NEPTUNE, meaning often 'weakness' and 'failure'... (and saddening/disappointing events)

So it was like that: 
MARS and URANUS 45° to each other in the sky was in 'stressful aspect' to her URANUS-NEPTUNE-PLUTO aspect...
After 4 days of HUGE STRESS - Mars (AND Uranus) to Uranus and Pluto - she finally COLLAPSED: Mars stressful to NEPTUNE...)

At the same time, SUN-ARC directed PLUTO was in exact Opposition from Libra to her SUN in Aries, and even more important: transiting SATURN in Sagittarius in the sky of the day of her death was in EXACT OPPOSITION to her SUN-ARC directed MARS!  

So I was right (again) when asking after the DEATH OF GEORGE MICHAEL (in my GERMAN POST about his death) 'are there any more DEATHS of FAMOUS PEOPLE in ending 2016???'
Well, that was 2 days before CARRIE FISHER died - and 3 days before her mother DEBBIE REYNOLDS died...

AND: 2016 isn't OVER YET!

How about DJ TRUMP ????
THAT would be a SUPER-OVERNIGHT SENSATION, wouldn't it?

(Dumb all over - a little ugly on the side!)
(It will become WORSE than you can IMAGINE right now - Michael MOORE after DJ 'won'...)
(Though 2,9 Millions of the people who REGISTERED and went VOTING, voted for Hillary CLINTON...)


May the STARS be with us!

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