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* S+P Worldnews - NEWS about George MICHAEL's DEATH

NEWS about the DEATH of

His manager, Michael Lippman, said the singer was found “in bed, lying peacefully” early on Christmas morning, having apparently died from heart failure.

Thames Valley police attended the scene at about lunchtime on Sunday, later saying that they regarded the death as “unexplained, but not suspicious”.
(from: 'the guardian')

SO: my FIRST POST about the DEATH (plus Horoscope) is INCORRECT - it MIGHT be the time POLICE arrived at the scene, but it IS NOT HIS DEATH OF TIME... Here: (NOT!) Horoscope of Death of George MICHAEL!
(Even THAT is not sure, because we have - as usual with cases like these - different times, due to 'journalistic reserach'... the GURADIAN says 'police arrived at lunch-time' - WELL: WHAT does THIS MEAN??? - 11h30m 12h00m or 13h30 or even 14h00m - for ME 'lunch-time' is between 11h30m to 14h00m... These are the times I USUALLY EAT LUNCH - and I don't eat a lot of lunch, I eat most for DINNER...) (the time the police arrived I read FIRST was 'soon after 2PM = 14h00m....)


I also have NO IDEA what is meant with 'early in the morning'?
For ME this means sometime between 06h00m to 08h00m...

I guess it was around 07h00 in the morning...
local MC (for GORING) was then around 19-20° LIBRA - having URANUS at IC and JUPITER at MC and MC was therefore also 135° to MARS...

As we know from my last post, MARS was on the PERSONAL MIDPOINT MC/SATURN of George Michael (if his birthtime is/was correct with a tolerance of 4-8 minutes - which correspondends to 1°- 2° for local MC, because evrey 4 minutes in TIME is actually a 01°step for the MC), which can mean 'my personal end/death' - since MARS was also in 45° to URANUS (and JUPITER in 135°) it means 'my personalend/death' MARS = MC/SATURN came by SURPRISE and UNEXPECTED ( = URANUS) and quite likely FAST (Uranus NEVER means SLOWLY...)

So, that fact (MARS on the day he died to HIS MC/SATURN) will stay CORRECT, even if his Time Of Death will never be known...

But I am quite sure, that when he died either the local ASCENDANT and or MC was in connection (in 45° modus: 0°/45°/90°/135° or 180°) to MARS and therefore ALSO TO HIS MC/SATURN midpoint! 

- Regarding his HEALTH before he died, SWISS paper and online NEWS-magazine 20 Minuten cites infos about tight friends and neighbours, that he WAS NOT DOINF WELL the LAST SEVERAL MONTHS...
20 Minuten - «Ich fand ihn tot in seinem Bett» - International:

- They even talk about heavy DRUG ABUSE (HEROIN) and that he lived 'like a hermit'...

Der britische Popstar sei alleine gestorben. In den letzten Monaten soll er wie ein Einsiedler gelebt haben. Eine Quelle aus dem näheren Umfeld des «Last Christmas»-Sängers behauptet ausserdem, er habe mit schweren Drogenproblemen zu kämpfen gehabt: «Er musste ein paarmal in die Notaufnahme», wird der Insider zitiert. «Er nahm Heroin. Es ist überraschend, dass er überhaupt so lange durchgehalten hat.» Ein Herzstillstand sei eine häufige Folge von Heroinkonsum, schreibt «The Telegraph» weiter. (via 20 MInuten)

(His friend and partner/lover FAHDI FAWAZ said pretty much the same - but nothing about drugs)

My remarks about his PAST in my last post about George Michael were therefore quite likely correct - since DEC-2015 he had a 'bad SATURN-time'...
(Saturn 90° MC und Saturn 150° ASZENDENT - Zum letzten Mal exakt im NOV und Anfangs DEC-2016).
Link zu 'George MICHAEL ist TOT!
Go to: WHAM! George MICHAEL is DEAD
- His last FOTOS seem to suggest that this was true...

George Michael's LAST FOTOS - shot in the middle of SEP-2016 in LONDON/UK in a Restaurant.

He put on enormous weight - probably also thru prescripted drugs like CORTISON, who can make you put on a lot of weight in JUST A FEW WEEKS...
He became a hermit/recluse in his last 4-12 months - maybe not only, but ALSO because of this overweight-fact...

(Foto via via 

Better to have him remembered like that:

GEORGE MICHAEL with his boyfriend/lover FAHDI FAWAZ
(they met in 2011 - so the foto cannot be older than 2011...)

or like THIS:

GEORGE MICHAEL in the 80ies/90ies

Thank you!


May the STARS be with us!

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