Samstag, 10. Dezember 2016

* S+P Worldnews: How to fix the Electoral College with a federal law (via

Under SATURN in Trine/120° to URANUS the CHANCES are rather GOOD to bring CHANGES (=URANUS) with STABILITY and CONTINUITY (=SATURN)...
(The Trine between SATURN and URANUS is the MAIN influence for DECEMBER-2016, and it will work from 26-NOV-2016 until 06-DEC-2017! with a 03°30' Orb and will also be the MAIN planetary influence in 2017 - especially AFTER APRIL 2017.)

Short description:

'Out with the OLD and in with the NEW' might be good SLOGAN now - and it's likely that it will work out WITHOUT provoking fear and angst, because with TRINES/SEXTILES-120°/60° usually things/events come also with the RIGHT BALANCE, so folks often feel NOT PROVOKED and therefore furious opposition is unlikely...

(As we all know by NOW, Donald TRUMP should be a BIG FAN of this EC-Elimination/Eradication - because it was HIM who bitterly complained about it in NOV-2012!:)


May the STARS be with us!

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