Montag, 12. Dezember 2016

* S+P Worldnews: Will DONALD TRUMP DIO? (Die In Office)

(Die In Office)

I have checked ALL the INAUGURATION-Charts of ALL 9 POTUS (Presidents Of The United States) who DIO/Died In Office!
(I tell ya, it was quite some work, oh-boy!)

Well, I have FOUND with ALL of them a special aspect between 2 planets - except with Franklin D. ROOSEVELT!

(8 of 9!!! Must be fascinating for those STATISTIC FREAKS out there...) ;-)

(it also worked for JKF and RR, when Inauguration-Day was NOT 04th of MARCH anymore, but instead 20-JANUARY...) 

- The aspect worked also for RONALD REAGAN - who was NEARLY KILLED and only survived by BIG LUCK! (He had a quite 'lucky' JUPITER-chart...)

By the way:

There was/is NO DIFFERENCE - at least when you check 'only' the INAUGURATION-charts - if a US-president died of NATURAL/HEALTH CAUSES or was KILLED/ASSASSINATED...  

I will let you know SOON (between DEC/13-31!) if 'THE DONALD' will belong to this group, too...

Stay COOL, babe!


because some fool
wants to own his WIG???!

(Or will he DIO because he sprayed too much of this strange ORANGE COLOR onto his body??!)


May the STARS be with us!

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