Montag, 26. Dezember 2016

* S+P Worldnews: (Under SATURN:) Wham! Star George Michael has died (via


George Michael dies with 53 1/2 yrs.
Exactly on X-mas!
(And his song 'LAST CHRISTMAS' was his biggest success!...)

Wham! star George Michael has died -

(Under Mars=Jupiter=Uranus in the skies George MICHAEL suddenly and unexpectedly dies - Neptune in the sky was OPPOSING/180° his MARS and PLUTO, whilst SATURN was unfavorably aspecting his personal points ASC and MC SEVERAL TIMES since DEC-2015 - and the last time in NOV/DEC 2016 - some 3 weeks ago. (Saturn 90° MC and Saturn 150° ASCENDANT).
Also MARS was opposing/180°his MOON and conjoining his SATURN in EARLY DECEMBER 2016...

If his birth-TIME is correct (06h00m in Finchley/London/UK) then MARS was yesterday when he died (according to CNN it was from police-record 'around shortly after 14h00m' on SUN-25-DEC-2016) EXACTLY on his PERSONAL midpoint MC/SATURN!
(Which you/one can 'translate' as 'my personal end/death'....)

I hope soon we will find out of WHAT he died.
In the meantime I'll check some GAY NEWS-WEBSITES - they might know first...

(I was between 22 - 30 yrs old when he had his biggest hits like 'wake me up before ya go-go', 'last christmas' and 'FAITH'. Although it wasn't really my kinda music, I liked his songs. - Typical 80ies stuff - but not of the bad kind like Bon Jovi and Supertramp n stuff the like!... though I liked Cindy LAUPER's 'girls just wann have fun!')

(AND: George Michael WAS HOT-n-SEXY !!!! - Not like Bon Jovi and Supertramp and the like...)
;-) :-)

RIP, George MICHAEL (sexy Motherf***er!) ;-)

(25-JUN-1963 to 25-DEC-2016)

(and yep - he was gay)

George MICHAEL's Natal-Chart
(Chart of Death and other astro-infos shall follow soon)


May the STARS be with us!

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