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S+P Worldnews - Finally the CORRECT BIRTH-TIME of (and FROM!) ♂ David BOWIE! ♀☼ (Part 1)

Finally the CORRECT Birth-TIME from 'Starman' David BOWIE (neé Mr. David Robert Jones) - at least for sure with an accuracy of 99,9% - because this birth-time
comes from
Mr. David Bowie PERSONALLY!

(quite likely from his 'Baby-Card'; because in the UK - at least in ENGLAND - they usually DON'T write down the Birth-TIME on a Birth-Certificate/Record!)

There were SEVERAL - between 3-4 different - Birth-TIMES around since 1980 (or even earlier) for David Robert Jones (= David BOWIE).

May I explain:

* In the year 1980 there was a book written by LOIS M. RODDEN and published by ACS/SanDiego/California called 'The American Book of Charts' Part A & B, where David BOWIE's time of birth was written down with 23h50m in Brixton (London) in England/UK on 08-JAN-1947...
(Notabene: The DAY and PLACE is for SURE!)

* In another book published in 1989 by LLEWELLYN PUBLICATIONS called 'The ASTROCARTOGRAPHY-Book of Maps' by Jim LEWIS and Ariel GUTTMAN the very same time was used - AND citing LOIS RODDEN as a source of BIRTHTIME...
(Rodden Rating was a 'B' - meaning it's from a BIO and it was also mentioned that it was indeed published in the 'American Book od Charts' in 1980!...)

* Then somewhere in the 70 (1975?) in a BOWIE-BIO a FOTO of a birth record was published - WITHOUT a BIRTH-TIME given; due to the fact that ENGLISH (and probably WELSH & SCOTTISH?) B-Certificates do NOT mention a birth-time.
(As opposed to - for example - US-AMERICAN, SWISS and even THAI do. Actually MOST birth-certificates in most countries on our planet earth do; but not those lovely tea-slurping ENGLISH! - AAAAAARGH!!!! - In 'good ole engeland' one has to ask MUM - actually not the best option! - or CHECK what's written down on one's BABY-CARD... that is: if it wasn't LOST...)
But somewhere in a BIO - quite likely the same with the foto of the BC - there was mentioned that Bowie was born 'around 09.00AM' or in military time 0900/09h00m - WITHOUT citing a SOURCE.

* Then suddenly LOIS RODDEN changed somewhere between 1980? - 2003 (she died in 2003...) to a BIRTH-TIME to 09h15m/09.15AM too - we have absolutely no idea why - citing that she's got it from her 'MEMORY' but gave it herself a RoddenRating of 'A', which is actually the SECOND BEST OPTION... - you can check that one here:  http://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Bowie,_David  

That's indeed VERY STRANGE - isn't it?
(It IS...)

It's even way more strange if you know what I'm gonna tell you NOW:

A BIG FAN of DAVID BOWIE was collecting nearly EVERYTHING one can collect about him - and he wrote and CONFIRMED (in an email to me personally!) that the BIRTH TIME given on his WEBSITE (I'll give you the name later on - don't worry! ☺) is 100% for sure of the SOURCE of MR. DAVID BOWIE HIMSELF!

The BIRTH-TIME David Bowie HIMSELF has written down comes with 22h59m or in military version 22.59 or in AM/PM version 10h59m PM !!!

- So it's VERY LIKELY NOT 23h50m and also NOT 09h15m/09.15 AM...
and also not 09h00m - but NUMBER 4: 22h59m! (22.59/10.59 PM)...

You can check this on the following website:

(If that link shouldn't work just go www.bowiewonderwold.com and then look on the LEFT side for INFORMATION and then click on David Bowie FAQs and then click on Number 2 - WHAT DAY IS DAVID BOWIE'S BIRTHDAY?

The man and owner of this website - a Mr. PAUL KINDER from the UK - sent an email to me this year on the 22-JAN-2014 CONFIRMING that this birth-time was written down personally by DAVID BOWIE and also SENT to him (Paul Kinder) by DB - quite likely in the years between 1998-2000.

The email Mr. PAUL KINDER from the UK sent to me goes like this:

Birth certificates don't have a time on them, only a date.

The time listed on BowieWonderworld is 100 per cent correct.

Info came directly from DB.
Every single book ever written on Bowie have several mistakes.



- I have even done a screen-print for you of the email PAUL KINDER has sent to me - here's PROOF:

That's the Email I got on 22-JAN-2014 from PAUL KINDER from the UK,
where he wrote that David BOWIE's (nee David Robert JONES) BIRTH-TIME is 100% correct, because he's got it from David Bowie PERSONALLY. 

So with THIS birth-time David BOWIE has a
RISING SIGN of 01° LIBRA and an 
MC of 02° CANCER!

That was part ONE of Bowie's Birth-TIME - in a second one which should be follwing soon I'll tell and SHOW you WHY I think that this birth-time INDEED IS the CORRECT one.

I'll also include the new HOROSCOPE of David Robert JONES aka David BOWIE!


With this character he became world-famous between

14-APR-1972 (when the single 'STARMAN' was released) to 06-JUN-1972 (when the album 'ZIGGY STARDUST AND THE SPIDERS FROM MARS' was released.)
(The album itself was RECORDED between 07-SEP-1971 to 04-FEB-1972)


May the stars be with us & David BOWIE ! 
Tibor Bugetty/FAC (Fine Astrosoup Creator)
c) 2011-2014


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