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World-News & the Planets - Forecast for the USA from 2013 - 2016

Forecast for the USA from 2013-2016

In my post of SU/AUG/18/2013 I was writing of the  JUPITER-URANUS-PLUTO T-Square which is 'in work' since the beginning of the month. I also mentioned that it should have a STRONG IMPACT on the chart of the USA. (here MORE)

Now more regarding the USA:

The SUN of the USA is positioned at 13°18' CANCER, and SATURN of the USA is at 14°48' LIBRA. So this is quite a tight Square between the SUN and SATURN.
(Actually this seems to be a GOOD aspect for COUNTRIES! - A lot of economical successful countries have a SUN-SATURN connection - according to the findings of Alphee Lavoie. SWITZERLAND, pre-reunion GERMANY, SINGAPORE and SAUDI-ARABIA are some of them - and the USA...)

URANUS is right now at 12°16' ARIES and doing the SQUARE to PLUTO at 09°10' CAPRICORN - and both will SOON definitley activate the SUN-SATURN Square of the USA...

Not long ago - end of June 2013 - JUPITER entered the sign of CANCER - a sign which is VERY IMPORTANT for the USA (together with the signs of Sagittarius, Gemini and Aquarius) since this country has not only the SUN in CANCER, but also JUPITER, VENUS and MERCURY.

Now JUPITER is activating the URANUS-PLUTO Square in the heavens since early August via an Opposition to PLUTO (AUG/08) and via a Square to URANUS (AUG/21).
But JUPITER is also coming into a CONJUNCTION to the SUN of the USA and then into a QUARE to SATURN - the first time between AUGUST/25 (yep, that's today!) and SEPTEMBER/07/2013...

This means that JUPITER will actually trigger the URANUS-PLUTO Square quite EARLIER, because without JUPITER the Uranus-Pluto Phase for the USA would begin in MARCH 2014!

So: the WHOLE Uranus-Pluto Phase for the USA will be between the middle of AUG/2013 until the very end of the year 2016, while JUPITER joins the game between August 2013 to Mai 2014 - one can see that quite nicely on the following graphical ephemers in the 90° mode. 
(For reasons of clarity I have only inserted the SUN and SATURN for the USA and also only the planets JUPITER, URANUS and PLUTO.)

Et voilà:


The USA and the URANUS-PLUTO Square for 2013 - 2016. (RED)
With JUPITER in 2013 & 2014 (PINK)
(USA = JULY/04/1776 at 05.00 PM/17.00 in Philadelphia/PA-USA)

Highly likely this time will be one of CHANGES and SURPRISES for the United States of America. (and not always good ones...)
- And it will also have to do with the ECONOMY of the States.

The 'financial crisis' also began in the US in the years 2007 and 2008 - and NOT in Canada, Europe, Australia or the Fiji-Islands... ☺
(by the way: This was the case when in 2007 PLUTO made a SQUARE to the MC and NEPTUNE of the USA. And in 2008 URANUS - and later SATURN - made an Opposition to NEPTUN and the MC - opposite aspects did Saturn...
In the skies in SUMMER 2007 we had a SATURN-NEPTUN Opposition und in the Fall of 2008 there was a SATURN-URANUS Opposition.)

I wish you all a wonderful SUNDAY!
Bye and til soon.

Tibor Bugetty - FAC (Fine Astrosoup Creator)


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