Dienstag, 13. August 2013

World-News & Planets - Old News about Astrology (but still very illuminating!) In ENGLISH!

OLD NEWS about Astrology/Planetary Cycles

Tomorrow the LATEST MOON-Transits will be published - so stay tuned!

To 'keep you on the back burner'/interested I've found OLD NEWS about Planetary Cycles (which is nothing else but the very same like ASPECTS between Planets) and Astrology (which ALSO has to do with the signs of the ZODIAC - which has to do with the movement of our planet EARTH around the SUN - and even with the 12 'HOUSES' which has to do with the movement of our Planet EARTH around ITSELF and therefore also with Planets RISING, SETTING, CULMINATING and ANTI-CULMINATING...) and some very smart findings a Mister NELSON published in the 1950's!     

Mr. John H. NELSON (born DEC/10,1903 in Gloucester/MA-USA around 05.30 AM/EST - a Sagittarius with a strong URANUS - as it is the case with me...☺) was working for the Radio Company of America (RCA) as a .... - please read on here: http://www.solsticepoint.com/astrologersmemorial/nelson.html
(- english! - You will have to SCROLL DOWN then click on part 1, part 2/etc. - This is the ORIGINAL TEXT of  MAY/1952 as it appeared in 'Electrical Engineering':  'J.H. Nelson, "Planetary Position Effect on Short-Wave Signal Quality" (Electrical Engineering, May 1952)'

And my last sentence for today is:

"When Mr. NELSON was asked by a listener, 'Why does this work?', he replied, 'I don't know. When you go to the pearly gates, you can ask the grand high muckety-muck.....and he probably don't know either.'

Bye - til SOON!



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