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World-News & the Planets: The JUPITER-URANUS-PLUTO T-Square and the USA (and EGYPT) (in ENGLISH!)

The JUPITER-URANUS-PLUTO T-Square of 2013/14

The Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-Quadrat of August 2013 will be active way into 2014, since it will happen SEVERAL TIMES.

It’s of Influence from around JULY/25_ 2013 til around MAI/27_ 2014. (With an Orb of about 06°)

In this Timespan JUPITER will be activating the URANUS-PLUTO Square 3 times – via 6 exact Aspects.

- 3 Oppositions to PLUTO – exact hits at:
  • 08/08/2013 (08.AUG.2013) 
  • 01/31/2014 (31.JAN.2014) 
  • 04/20/2014 (20.APR.2014)

- 3 Squares to URANUS - exact hits at:
  • 08/21/2013 (21.AUG.2013) 
  • 02/26/2014 (26.FEB.2014) 
  • 04/21/2014 (21.APR.2014)

In the Timespan betweenn  January/20_2014 to May/10_2014 this combination between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto (called T-Square) will be effectively PERMANENTLY ACTIVE!

This T-Square will be of Impact especially for the USA, since JUPITER in this mentioned Timepsan will come several times into Conjunction/0° to the SUN AND later into a Square/90°to SATURN of the States…

AND in the year 2014 PLUTO will come into a OPPPOSITION/180° to the SUN of the USA - the very first time since it's foundation in 1776. 
(And later of course the very same PLUTO will come into a SQUARE/90° to SATURN of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.)

URANUS will then also come into a SQUARE to the SUN of the States - later opposing SATURN...

All these combinations tell us of 'drastic Changes' and maybe even of 'transformative Turbulences'...

So the chances are HIGH that we will read/hear/see a LOT regarding the USA - and not always only 'the good stuff'.
- Soon later MORE to that theme!

(Also EGYPT is/will be strongly influenced by the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T- Square!...)

Following are 2 Graphics for those 'optic people' like me who LIKE TO WATCH AT PICTURES then and when!... ☺




The JUPITER-URANUS-PLUTO T- Square of 2013/2014 in 'static Mode'
(Here AUG/08_2013 - the exact day of the FIRST Jupiter - Pluto Opposition)


Thanx and til soon!

Tibor Bugetty - FAC (Fine Astrosoup Creator)


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