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World-News & the Planets - IMPORTANT MARKET-Update (AUG/15_2013)


Important MARKET-Update:

As I have written in my AUGUST-Forecast this month is likely to be 'dangerous'
because of JUPITER activating the URANUS-PLUTO square...

Today (Thursday, AUG/15_2013 around 15.45 CEDT) the S&P 500 and the DOW and the german DAX and many more are experiencing a HEFTY DOWNER...

That might be the beginning of what I'm telling you since around July/24th...
Be careful - hedge...

JUPITER is aspecting the MIDDLE-POINT of URANUS and PLUTO since AUG/12 and will do it til AUG 17 - then will do a SQUARE/90° to URANUS on the 20/21 of August.

I have written in my AUGUST-FORECAST:

'...Those were the days which might be the most IMPORTANT in coming AUGUST 2013...
- especially seen from an ECONOMICAL viewpoint!
I’m going to REPEAT the date a second time in chronological order, so that our beloved/behated Traders/Investors/Finance Jugglers and Banksters ;-) can PRINT-IT-OUT!:

AUG 01-05 (Mars, Venus and Sun to URANUS and PLUTO
AUG 06/07 (Newmoon and JUPITER-PLUTO exact)
AUG 12-15 (Mercury activating JUPITER, URANUS und PLUTO)
AUG 21 (Fullmoon und JUPITER-URANUS exact)

NOTE: In the years 1931 and 1934 when JUPITER activated - the then also existing URANUS-PLUTO Square - via 2 stressful aspects the DOW JONES went SOUTHWARDS...
And now in August 2013 we have nearly the very same combination in the skies… (and it will show up again in JANUARY 2014 to MAY 2014…)
- But history doesn’t repeat itself ALWAYS (exactly the same way), so let‘s stay COOL, LOOK and ACT/REACT appropriate.

- HERE you can read (again) the WHOLE AUGUST_2013-REPORT if you wish so:

Thanx, have a nice day & stay tuned as always!

Tibor Bugetty - FAC (Fine Astrosup Creator)


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