Dienstag, 16. April 2013

World-News and the Planets - the USA and the SUN-MARS Conjunction (April_16_2013)

The SUN-MARS Conjunction and the USA
(Some Astrospeak regarding the Event in Boston/USA)

When the BOMBS EXPLODED in BOSTON/USA we had the SUN-MARS Conjunction at 25°57' ARIES (SUN) and 26°28' ARIES (MARS)...
Only 00°30' from the exact aspect - applying.
What is even more important, is that this SUN-MARS conjunction was/IS squaring/90° PLUTO (and MERCURY) of the US-Chart...(and also aspecting the URANUS-ASCENDANT Opposition of the US)

As we know one of the meaning of sun-mars-PLUTO aspects is TERRORISM, BRUTALITY, RUTHLESNESS and FANATISM...

- It looks right now that it WAS terrorism - but we can't be sure about that... it's just too early. Even IF it WAS terrorism - we can't tell from WHERE it was coming right now. (and it's also the job of the police and secret services...)
- It CAN be from OUTSIDE, but it's also very possible that it was an 'inside job' - for example from a frustrated tea-party fanatic or the like...

Is this the beginning of a NEW terrorism-wave for the US?

I'm not sure - as I told before in one of my earlier posts the US is likely to bring NEWS from the end of JUNE to early AUGUST, when JUPITER - and MARS! - will trigger the URANUS-PLUTO square/90°and therefore aspecting the SUN (and SATURN and MOON) of the US-chart.

I think it will more likely have to do with FINANCIAL NEWS - we will see! 

(For Astrologers: I use the following chart for the US - 04. JULY 1776, at 16h58m/04.58 PM in Philadelphia/PA-USA.)  

til soon - good luck!


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