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WORLD-NEWS and the STARS/PLANETS - BURMA's HITLER....(Update April_23_2013_Tuesday)


I mentioned in my post from APRIL,10/2013 several countries, who should be especially influenced by the URANUS-PLUTO Square/90°...
- some might even be influenced for several years…

Included in this list was also BURMA (unfortunately)...

And the news are already here  – they have once more to with Muslims. 
But this time, however, it seems that the unrest and hatred doesn’t come from the Muslims - at least partially not. 
But – if you believe it or not - of a RADICAL Buddhist called Ashin Wirathu. 
He‘s also the Leader of the mysterious and radical group called ‚969‘.

- In Myanmar he’s also called  'Hitler of Burma' because of his hate-speeches...

* Bloody Riots: Buddhist-Monk is terrorizing Burmas Muslims
Go here:
http://www.mmtimes.com/index.php/national-news/6458-sayadaw-slams-969-campaign  or
(german) http://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/burma-rassistische-gruppe-969-gefaehrdet-muslime-a-894877.html

- Unfortunately astrologically it doesn’t look to good for Burma – and that after it‘s finally is free!
The pressure and instability could last up to 2 or even 4 years...

This is because the URANUS-PLUTO square/90 ° in the sky will repeatedly activate the SUN (and Mercury and Neptune) of Burma's horoscope...
(I use the INDEPENDANCE-chart of BURMA : 4 Jan 1948, 04:20, NSUT -6:30 
Rangoon MYAN, 16°N47', 096°E10' /Rating: AA/ Source: Campion/Harvey) 

URANUS will be doing a Square/90°- aspect from June 10, 2013 –the beginning of SEPTEMBER 2013  to the Sun-Mercury Conjunction of Burma in the sign of Capricorn - and will make at the very same time an exact OPPOSITION to Neptune of Burma in Libra...
URANUS will repeat the same procedure from March, 20/2014 to April, 20/2014  and the third and last time from November, 07/ 2014  to February, 07/2015.

(Also URANUS will make several times an Opposition/180°- aspect  to the MOON of Burma between April, 20/2015 to March 10/ 2016.)
PLUTO will make a Conjunction/000°to the SUN of Burma - from the middle of January 2014 to mid January 2015 (with small interruptions). Therefore Pluto will be also doing a square/90° to Neptune of BURMA.
- And then the whole thing will be repeated again in August/September and October 2015.
(Also PLUTO will form a square/90°-aspect to the MOON of Burma - from mid March to mid May 2016, as well as almost the entire 2017...)

Therefore it looks for BURMA quite turbulent, unstable, restless and unpredictable - especially from mid-June 2013 - October 2015. 
- Which are a full 2 years and 4 months...)
(In the extreme case it even would be 4 years - counting the MOON-aspects.)

- On the other hand there might be some POSITIVE (simultaneously?) TRANSFORMATIONS and CHANGES. 
(It’s also quite  possible that it will be a mixture of both… - after 60 years of military dictatorship that would be no big wonder.  One must know that there is even NOW/TODAY in many parts of BURMA – especially in the countryside – NO ELECTRICITY and also quite often NO CARS. It’s 'like a 100 years ago' - which paradoxically for many of us 'civilized folks' means a certain amount of charm and arouses attraction..)

- Let’s hope that this all will NOT soon mean again: 'full steam ahead (back) to the dictatorship!' for BURMA.
Because, unfortunately the uneasy aspects between Uranus and Pluto bring a TENDENCY for all things 'Radical' and 'Fanaticism' (fascism, totalitarianism/etc.) –Those aspects also tend to also 'to throw out the baby with the bath water'...

I wish BURMA all the BEST!  

(The URANUS PUTO square/90°was the first time active from JULY,01/2008 - with an ORB/tolerance of 07° - and it will become  April 2018 until it’s for sure over... - But I guess the world-wide tensions will ease from winter/spring of 2016 on!...)
(In 2008/Sep-Nov - until 2011/July-August the planet SATURN did some unfavorable aspects to URANUS and PLUTO... - as we remember these were the times when LEHMAN BROTHERS went broke = 2008  and also when Europe/Greece came into the News = 2010/2011…)

Til soon!


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