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World-News and the Planets: Forecast for MAY 2013 (ENGLISH version!)


Aspect Analyzer - MAY 2013 
(written: APR/25 & APR/30 – 2013) 

I've written at the end of March 2013 that there will be a slight chance that April 2013 will do better than March - which was partly correct regarding the worldwide economic crisis. In other regards APRIL was even more lousy than March... This is due to the SUN-MARS conjunction, which this time was especially dangerous and brought a lot of agitation, damage and havoc – and which was enough often mentioned by me; firstly in my post from March, 11.

A short retrospect:
  • On April 10 and 16, there were two severe earthquakes in IRAN, with many ending up dead and wounded.
  • On April 12 and 15 GOLD had its worst DOWNER since 30 years – but ALL other precious metals too (silver, platinum/etc.) and even nearly all commodities. - Also on April,15 there was a terrible terrorist attack in BOSTON in the United States, where several people died and with numerous injuries. (It is indeed a rather startling fact that BOTH EVENTS happened on the very same day — almost a perfect breeding ground for our conspiracy theorists...)
  • Shortly thereafter – April,17 – there was a huge explosion at a fertilizer factory in Texas/United States, where also unfortunately several dead and wounded victims were to complain.
  • On April 18th and 19th, Boston was in a state of emergency, due to the fact that a large contingent of policestaff were hunting for hours after the 2 brothers who were responsible for the bombings. 
  • On April 20, another earthquake occurred in the province of Sichuan in China. Most people were surprised in their sleep, and there was almost 200 dead and thousands of injured victims to regret.

(All - or nearly all – of these events are mentioned in my April 2013 archive...)

As I already predicted on 11.March 2013 there will likely be 2 months of tension and 'explosive mood' - this was based on the fact that planet MARS will almost all the time be ‚negatively‘ active... - this has been proofed as correct and fully confirmed via all the worldwide events and incidents that happened until today (30.04.2013).

And it is (unfortunately) not finished yet - the rather unfavourable phase of Mars will likely continue at least until mid May - even up to around the 23rd…

The MARS-SUN conjunction is even today (April 30/2013) still very active - with an ORB of 03°00'. - In addition, MARS is since April 22/2013 on the way to the OPPOSITION to SATURN and is today (May, 01/2013) exact and will remain active until May 9th. (I use an ORB of 07° for mundane/worldly events and I did always very well like that - especially with MARS...)

We had the last last past days again several accidents and violence... this TENDENCY is inclined to last for another several days, probably until the end of the first week of May. (May 07/2013)
I need also to mention that MARS also is doing a FAVORABLE aspect at this time with PLUTO - on May 05 this aspect will be exact. It’s active since April 26. 
- But until now it was of a rather minimal impact. It seems as if the MARS-SATURN opposition /180° is of STRONGER influence, which is quite often the case when there is a simultaneous presence of  'negative' and 'positive' aspects -  I mean that the more 'negative' ones are likely to ‚WIN‘.
In addition, we must also see that if MARS is in a 120° angle to PLUTO, it will ALSO be doing at the very same time an angle to URANUS, because URANUS and PLUTO are aspecting each other with a 90° aspect... so it is likely that MARS will act as a TRIGGER of this tense relationship between URANUS and PLUTO!
- Put it in other words: if Mars is doing a 120° aspect to PLUTO, then it will also do around May 04.-06. a SEMISEXTILE (30° aspect) to URANUS...

Also the SUN-MARS conjunction will be reactivated again - from May 5 on – via MERCURY which will come in conjunction to them, too . This will approximately last until May 10th to 12th. This fact is stressed even more by the NEWMOON from May 10 which will intensfy the SUN-MERCURY-MARS conjunction, because then the MOON will be at the very same place... - This should/could lead to further disputes and accidents/etc, because a rather malplaced MARS will be activated (triggered) again.

As if that would not be enough, MERCURY and then the SUN will come into semisquare/45° to URANUS and then sesquisquaring/135° PLUTO between the days of May 12/13 until May 17/2013. So that will be a trigger of the Uranus-Pluto square/90° again... 
- And on May 19/20 finally the square/90° between Uranus and Pluto is exact.

I don’t care too much on the accuracy of aspects – especially not between the slow running planets. The 'activation' by the fast-running planets and reinforcing factors that aim in the same direction is what is really important.

However,  MARS will do the same around May 24-27 as Mercury and the Sun did between May 13-17. It triggers the Uranus-Pluto square/90° via semisquare/45° and sesquisquare/135°.

At almost exactly the same time, there is some VERY POSITIVE impact – MERCURY, VENUS, and JUPITER are in conjunction to each other, which really is a FAVORABLE combination; one of the best! - However, there are two small setbacks: first of all, the SUN in these days is also in square/90° to NEPTUNE ( = tendency for illusions, disappointments, fraud/etc) and the MERCURY-VENUS-JUPITER conjunction itself is also in sesquisquare/135° to SATURN.

CONCLUSION: I stay with my statement of 11 March - that we will have much RESTLESSNESS, EXCITEMENT, SURPRISES and a tendency for VIOLENCE and DESTRUCTION between 'Mid March until at least mid-May,' - these are 60 to 70 days. Which is n o t a short time!

Nevertheless, I believe that the last week of may 2013 is quite likely to be the best. The first week will be rather cloudy and sad and possibly with a certain amount of hardness and frustration. The second and the third weeks are again more likely to be 'MARS–like‘ and thus bring a tendency to violence, conflict and disputes - even  ‚out of the blue‘ and 'dramatic' events can happen due to the exactness of the square/90° aspect between Uranus and Pluto...

- Despite all these uncertainties and erratic times, I wish all my readers a good and enjoyable time!

Tibor - 'chef de cuisine' from the Astrosoup-kitchen!



Aspect Analyzer - MAY 2013

-The PINK aspects are usually of a more 'dangerous' and 'explosive' nature.
-The GREY-PINK aspects are usually of a 'frustrating' nature, which tend towards depression and illusion. The 'sad' and 'disappointing'ones...
-The GREEN highlighted aspects are usually the 'really good' ones.
-The NON highlighted aspects are typically NEUTRAL and/or of a rather benevolent nature. 
(ORANGE highlighted events represent the change of a planet into the next zodiac-sign. - FULLMOONS and NEWMOONS are marked with the color YELLOW.)

01 May 2013          MARS Opposition/180°SATURN  
01 May 2013          MERCURY enters TAURUS     
01 May 2013          SUN Trine/120° PLUTO          
04 May 2013          MERCURY Sextile/60° NEPTUNE           
05 May 2013          MERCURY Opposition/180° SATURN  
05 May 2013          MARS Trine/120° PLUTO
07 May 2013          Mercury Trine/120°Pluto
07 May 2013          SUN Opposition/180° MOON‘sNODE
08 May 2013          MERCURY Conjunction/000° MARS
09 May 2013          VENUS enters GEMINI
09 May 2013          MERCURY  Opposition MOON‘sNODE
10 May 2013          NEWMOON (and SOLAR-Eclipse!)
11 May 2013          SUN Conjunction/000° MERCURY
13 May 2013          MARS Opposition/180°MOON‘sNODE
13 May 2013          VENUS Square/090° NEPTUNE
15 May 2013          MERCURY enters GEMINI
18 May 2013          MERCURY Square/090° NEPTUNE
18 May 2013          VENUS Sextile/060°URANUS
20 May 2013          SUN enters GEMINI
21 May 2013          URANUS Square/090°PLUTO
21 May 2013          MERCURY SextilE/060°URANUS
25 May 2013          MERCURY Conjunction/000°VENUS
25 May 2013          FULLMOON (and LUNAR-Eclipse)
26 May 2013          SUN Square/090° NEPTUNE
27 May 2013          MERCURY Conjunction/000° JUPITER
28 May 2013          VENUS Conjunction/000° JUPITER
31 May 2013          MERCURY enters CANCER
31 May 2013          MARS enters GEMINI

02 June 2013          SUN Sextile/060° URANUS


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