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World-News and the Planets - The Christening of Royal Baby Prince George VII (and it's Horoscope)

Royal Baby Prince George VII had his Christening on 23-OCT-2013 at 15.00! 

(Or: 'The mysterious Mars-Jupiter Connection' of the ROYAL DYNASTY starting with Henry VII/Harri Tewdwr - Part 3 ...)

- According to swiss Newspaper NZZ Prince George had his Christening at 15h00m on 23-OCT-2013 in London.

Following is the Horoscope of the beginning of the Christening of 'the royal baby':

Prince George : Horoscope of the Christening

Horoscope of the CHRISTENING of Prince George
23-OCT-2013 at 15h00m/03.00 PM in London/UK)

MARS in the sky (outer wheel/marked in red) is positioned well on the day of his Christianity to the MARS-JUPITER Conjunction of Georgie-Boy and is therefore also aktivating the GRAND TRINE between Jupiter, Saturn & Neptun of the little Prince (inner wheel/marked in red)!
(And here we've got it again: The MARS-JUPITER-Effect!!! Which I mentioned in earlier post on this blog)

JUPITER in the sky (outer wheel/marked in red) is forming a benevolent SEXTILE/60° to the most PERSONAL POINT (together with the ASCENDANT) of Prince George on the day of his Christianity - his MC= Medium Coeli= MIDHEAVEN!
This 'Royal Babe' is a 'JUPITER-Kid'!!!
(Mars and Jupiter in the sky - outer wheel - are forming also a 45° Aspect to each other - applying!)

Here you can read more regarding the 'mysterious Mars-Jupiter Connection' of the Royal British House (starting with HARRI TEWDWR/HENRY TUDOR/HENRY VII) - available only in german, but don't hesitate to use the TRANSLATION-BUTTON on the RIGHT SIDE of this blog (it's worth it):

And now are following some heartbreaking Photos of the Christianity of His Royal Babyness  'Prince George VII - Future King George VII of UK':

The official Christening-Portrait
(Foto: Jason Bell!) 

(Seems to be in a good mood!....)
(Foto: Reuters/Stillwell)

Mom and Babe (after Christianity)
(Foto: Keystone/AP)

...and with DADDY!
(Foto: AFP/John Stillwell)


- It's a Sweetie, ain't he?

That's it Folks for today!

Have a good one & 'til soon...

Tibor Bugetty/FRAC (Fine Royal Astrosoup Creator)


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