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S&P Worldnews: IMPORTANT UPDATE (The Trend for Economical & Social Events in 2014!)

(TREND for Economical & Social Events for the WHOLE Year 2014!)

I did this graphic end of DEC-2013 and actually wanted to publish it with my FORECAST for January 2014...
(Here: Forecast JANUARY 2014 - read also the one for DEC-2013... - There's a Link in the January-2014 Forecast)

Then I decided NOT to do it like that - because I was a bit afraid it might work to 'suggestive' ...
But on the other hand, this GRAPHIC (for the WHOLE yaer of 2014) is ONLY another version of what I've WRITTEN for DEC/2013&JAN/2014: 

Ladies and Gentlemen it looks like this - and REMEMBER: It's a TREND, not a GUARANTEE:

The BUGETTY-Bars for 2014

(It looks quite 'explosive=red' from End of DEC-2013 to End of APR-2014 - then it might become SOFTER somewhere in MAY til quite likely first week of NOV-2014...)

As we can see most of 2014 is rather TURBULENT - mostly because of the JUPITER-URANUS-PLUTO T- Square which is likely to bring a LOT of SOCIAL UNREST & RECELLION - especially in the first 4 MONTHS of the year 2014.
(In 2013 the graphic showed much more GREEN than RED...)

- This graphic might also have some value for the MARKETS and GOLD - we all know that the TREND turned again in very early 2014... INDICES went mainly DOWN and GOLD went UP.
Next IMPORTANT TIMEFRAME: 26-31-JAN-2014....
(might be a TOC - Trend Of Change - OR a CONFIRMATION (INTENSIFICATION) of the Trend which begun in early January...)

NOTABENE: Today (TH/23-JAN-2014) the german DAX, the US DJ and S&P 500 made all a rather hefty DOWNER, while Mr. GOLDIE made a very hefty UPPER...

Some current World-Events:

Worsening in the UKRAINE & in THAILAND (where there is since yesterday an 'emergency state'...) and also bad news from CHINA (and maybe soon from RUSSIA?) economically...

Soon more - stay cool and may the STARS be with you!

Tibor Bugetty/FAC
(Fine Astrosoup Creator)


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