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S+P Worldnews - FULLMOON in Capricorn (16-JAN-2014)

(= SUN on 25°58' CAPRICORN & MOON on 25°58' CAPRICORN)

Today (16-JAN-2014 at 05.52 CET) we have another FULLMOON - I remember WELL the last one, not some 30 days ago.
How time FLIES!...
And TIME and the course of the PLANETS belong together...
And all has its rythm and belongs to a cycle.

Not least because OF THAT REASON I have an affection for Astrology - because it's PURE NATURE.
(By da way: The word MONTH actually comes from the word MOON - at least it's like that in the german language...)
(Many MOONs have past my dear 'Great Headman BRAVE EAGLE'!...)

(NEW - and FULLMOONS usually are MOST OF THE TIME the most important Times of any month. I therefore watch closely WHICH ASPECTS of other planets are most exact around any moonphase. - Those ones often will show me the MAINTHEME til the next coming moonphase...)

I've written about this Fullmoon a bit before in my Forecast for January 2014

Since a LOOONG Time this Moonphase is NOT in (any) connection with the dominating Uranus-Pluto Square!... (WOW)
But this Fullmoon is happening at the same time with a (retrograde)VENUS-MARS-Square/90°, which is also in connection (via 45°/135° - Aspects) to Planet NEPTUNE.

Until now I was pretty correct with my Forecast for January 2014 - especially regarding the INDICES and GOLD...

Exactly between the old and the NEW year the trend was TURNING again and most Indices went DOWN - while Mr. Goldie went NORTH!
And that trend stayed 'til 14-JAN-2014...
On that day a HEFTY Change showed up - but will it be of LENGTH?
- This hefty breakout happened with the activation of the Uranus-Pluto Square - via the MOON at around 08° cancer...
And also with the above mentioned VENUS-MARS Square, and Venus is still retrograde. (And will at the end of the month reactivate - together with Mercury - the Square between Uranus and Pluto...)
Therefore It could have been a kinda 'flash-in-the-pan'.
(The breakout was also much stronger wtih the german DAX than with the S&P 500 and especially with the Dow Jones; and with Mr. GOLDIE it was kinda weak and sapless...)

The NEXT Turning-Point - or IMPORTANT TIMESPAN if it will be NOT a TP but a kinda 'SECOND WAVE' of the change of trend of early January - should be around 26-31. of January. (Mercury and Venus will be activating from then on the JUPITER-PLUTO Opposition/180° which will be exact on 30/31-JAN...)

(I've written at the End of December in my JANUARY 2014 Forecast:)
The MOST IMPORTANT DATES for JAN-2014 should be around 01-03 -JAN-2014, and at the FULLMOON of 16-JAN-2014 and again around 29-31-JAN-2014.
(Probably also 11-JAN and 20-JAN – although these ones should be generally weaker?)

Beside that this CAPRICORN-Fullmoon of 16-JAN-2014 is rather 'a bit pale' - but after several weeks of rather stressful events this is actually quite RELAXING, isn't it!?... ☺

But don't worry: At the end of January - which will be soon! - it all should become quite exciting (again)...


Following are the Charts/Horoscopes of the FULLMOON (I've calculated 2 versions - once with aspects ONLY TO THE MOONPHASE itself - and once the 'normal way')



(Only Aspects to the Moonphase)

(ALL Aspects to ALL PLANETS shown)


Thank you very much & may the STARS be with you!

Til soon,

Tibor Bugetty - FAC  (Fine Astrosoup Creator)


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