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S+P Worldnews - THAILAND: Bangkok Shutdown and how it all might end...

THAILAND-2014: The 'BANGKOK SHUTDOWN' and how it all might end
(Part 1)

There will be on MONDAY/13-JAN-2014 a DEMONSTRATION (as far as I am informed ONLY IN THE CAPITOL BANGKOK!) called 'Bangkok Shutdown' initiated and arranged by Ex-Politician (Democratic Party) Suthep Thaugsuban and the 
People's Democratic Reform Committee (PRDC).

(IMPORTANT: This man is NOT a 'rebellious Nuts' - he has many years of THAI political experience and knowledge. Here more:

Now of course al lot of people are afraid WHAT will happen from monday/13-JAN-2014 on and how it might/will end...

One can read HEADLINES like the following:
Tourism takes a hit in Thailand:
Protests hurting Thai economy:
Gunmen kill 1 protester, injure 3 in Thailand anti-government protest -

for more up-to-date infos check the 2 big ENGLISH speaking newspapers of Thailand:

Touristiker bangen um Geld und Ruf - SPIEGEL ONLINE: (in german - let it translate via google's little helper on the right side of the blog...)
Proteste in Thailand: Schüsse auf Demonstranten in Bangkok - SPIEGEL ONLINE:
(also in german)

I finally have now found the EXACT time of modern Thailand - it's 'around 05 am in Bangkok'...

Nicolas Campion wrote in his book: 'this is the horoscope used by most Thai astrologers.' (the coup took place 'very early' in the morning...)

I have done some of my own investigations via IMPORTANT EVENTS of modern thai history (such as when the KING of Thailand - Bhumipol Adulyadej - had to take over the REIGN, because his brother - who should have become actually the next king! - was found DEAD in the early morning hours on 09-JUN-1947 with a wound of a PISTOL CARTRIDGE in his head...) and I am quite sure that the EXACT TIME of the START OF THE COUP was even a bit EARLIER - likely between 04h52m - 04h54m...
(More about this in a future post!)

Now, HOW do the planets stand on MONDAY/13-JAN-2014 in the heavens and especially how do they stand to the HOROSCOPE of Thailand? (24-JUN-1932 at 04h52m/04.52AM for Bangkok)

 SHORT and PRECISE?: unfortunately rather dangerously & unpredictable!


The SUN (and VENUS) are both going to activate the URANUS-PLUTO Square of Thailand (yes, Thailand was born under a Uranus-Pluto Square  - what we have ALSO now...) via a Square/90° to URANUS und via an Opposition/180° to PLUTO.

This gives us a hint that a lot of UNREST and UNPREDICTABLE EVENTS and INCIDENTS will be likely, as also OUTBURSTS OF POWER, PRESSURE and EXTORTIVE TACTICS...
To make things even more complicated the URANUS-PLUTO Square in the heaven will also stay 'stressful' to the Planet VENUS of THAILAND...
(and this Venus stays in a wide Conjunction to the SUN and MERCURY of Thailand...)

Since Planet MARS will be from 22-JAN-2014 to minimum 04-FEB-2014 also in a 'stressful' aspect to the URANUS-PLUTO Square of the country, I think the whole phase will be from 13-JAN-2014 to 04-FEB-2014 - not forget to mention that between 22-JAN-2014 to 04-FEB-2014 the situation is likely to become at least a bit DANGEROUS and VIOLENT...

More is to follow - that was kinda Part 1.

Next you'll see the Horoscope of THAILAND from 24-JUN-1932 at 04h52m (04.52-AM) in Bangkok:

Horoscope of Thailand (24-JUN-1932 at 04h 52m in Bangkok)
(Coup of Transformation from the absolute to constitutionial Monarchy)
The SUN will form on 13-JAN-2014 from CAPRICORN a nearly EXACT Square/90° to the URANUS of the country (marked in RED)...  From 22-JAN-2014 until 04-FEB-2014 'PLANET OF WAR' =  MARS will do somewhat the same from LIBRA...

(At the end probably HE will have to solve the problem again...)

Bhumipol Adulyadej
(The World's current longest reigning Monarch and the longest reigning King of all the Kings of the whole history of Thailand)

All the BEST.
Tibor Bugetty - FAC (Fine Astrosoup Creator)


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