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S+P Worldnews - Why Oskar PISTORIUS is highly likely the murderer of Reeva STEENKAMP!

 Why Oscar PISTORIUS is highly likely the murderer 
of Reeva STEENKAMP! 

On 03-MAR-2013 the trial began against Oscar PISTORIUS - the alleged murderer of Reeva Steenkamp.
-Note: The time of birth of Oscar PISTORIUS is not 100% for sure...(,_Oscar)

But this Birth-Time seems pretty perfect to me... 
And the following is safe (even if the birthtime isn’t correct):

Oscar PISTORIUS was born with his SUN squaring/90° his MARS, which (IF his b-time is correct...) is also placed in his 1. House and therefore makes 'his Mars' way more PERSONAL.
Also - with this b-time - his SUN would stay in his 10.House, which would make his SUN-MARS Square even more DOMINANT and VERY PERSONAL for Oscar PISTORIUS...
His PLUTO is in Conjunction with his VENUS (Planet of LOVE!) and his MOON is in a Square/90°to both (which can mean : having often quarrels & disputes with women) and his VENUS-PLUTO Conjunction is also in Conjunction to his MERCURY and in a wide Square/90° to his 1. House cusp = Ascendant...
(As if that wouldn't be enough his PLUTO-VENUS-MERCURY Conjunction is directly placed at his MC/Medium Coeli=Highest Point in the sky)

Only with this small analysis we do have now A LOT OF INSIGHT into the personality of Oscar Pistorius:

Because: 'stressful' Sun-Mars Aspects (In the case of Pistorius a Square/90°) have OFTEN a tendency towards hotheaded actions, combined with a stubborn belligerence and 'choleric outbursts' in general. - These are quite typical 'fighting cock' and 'hothead'-aspect...
(Although that doesn't one make a MURDERER - it's likely it does give a high probability for an 'egotistical and very strong-willed brawler')
- Those people are very bad in ducking under and have a low level for team-work and a high inclination for DOMINANCY, Strength of Will and Pigheadedness.
On the other hand those people are likely to be PHYSICALLY STRONG, too - sometimes actually a bit too strong... (They just can't 'duck down' - it means 'loosing' to them - and 'MARS-people' like to WIN!...) They are usually very active and have a high energy-level and tend sometimes to be 'bullies'. They are of the kind of people 'hard but fair' to their FRIENDS, 'hard and even harder' to their enemies (of which they often have quite a lot...) and 'what doesn't kill me makes me STRONGER' to their bodies...
They tend to be rather 'egotistical' and like/prefer to do 'their stuff' ALONE, because they don't feel very well for along time in a TEAM...
(Actually they very rarely use the word TEAMWORK at all!) ☺  

In general people with 'harsh' SUN-MARS aspects have a tendency 'to pack a punch' - as they get angrily easy and rather often... (which still doens't make one a murderer... - though the inclination might be a bit elevated)

But when we take into account that he's got ALSO a VENUS-PLUTO Conjunction at his (very personal point) MC in a Square/90° to his MOON (= Women, especially in a man's chart) THEN we know that he can also be VERY JEALOUS and and MANIPULATING...
PLUTO at his highest point in the sky=MC/Medium Coeli when he was born, makes him also quite heavily ambitious and also power-hungry and is responsible for - together with his SUN in his 10. House = Career in a Square/90° to his MARS - his big successes  and fame as a 'blade runner'! Especially since JUPITER (Planet of success and fame and also luck and protection) makes a very favorable Trine/120° to his MC-MERCURY-PLUTO-VENUS Conjuncion!

Often PLUTO-MC-VENUS combination have an inclination for 'dramatic' and 'tragic' events - especially if it's at the same time in a Square/90° to the MOON - which in a man's horocope (if he's heterosexual) gets a special meaning - because with them WOMEN are also often LOVERS...
(All this is true for a horoscope of a WOMAN  with venus-moon-pluto aspects they also tend to have often problems and debates with other women - but in most cases of course there will be NO LOVE or SEX included!)

Oscar PISTORIUS is on one hand an ambitious and strong-willed and sometimes also power-craving person with a high level of aggression and 'bullyness'.
He has also often LUCK and SUCCESS, since JUPITER is well placed to his MC and VENUS-MERCURY-PLUTO Conjunction.
- He's got a strong will - maybe sometimes too strong! - and is not likely to accept a NO! easily as a no...
All those traits made him for sure successful in sports and popular, too.
(His name was 'Blade-Runner!. He made TV-Spots. He was/is world-famous..)
On the other side his strong will makes him often pigheaded and PLUTO at his MC even sometimes 'fanatical' and 'obsessed'.
(HE just MUST be the WINNER - Number 2 is NOTHING...)
He's quite choleric tempered and belligerent and is inclined to manipulate people for his benefit and favor.
His strong PLUTO in combination with his VENUS and MOON let's him likely be 'easily jealous and hurt' - if not INSULTED... (Pluto often has a tendency for 'DRAMA' and 'TRAGEDY')
He's inclined to manipulate people - especially when it comes having to do with LOVE and SEX. (Pluto also often has a tendency for - emotional - 'BLACKMAIL')

To put it short:

He isn't the SOFTIE-type of person with a tendency to be SHY and can't help himself or doesn't dare to open his mouth! (And if he doesn't get what HE wants he can become quite uncomfortable too'...)

- Here you can look another time at his Natal Chart:

The Natal Chart of Oscar PISTORIUS

The Horoscope of Oscar PISTORIUS
With his SUN-MARS Square/90° highlighted!

The Horoscope of Oscar PISTORIUS
With his Venus-Mercury-PLUTO Conjunction directly at his MC - and in a Square/90° to his MOON and ASCENDANT highlighted!


In the soon-to-follow SECOND part we will find out - thanx to the natal chart of REEVA STEENKAMP - that PISTORIUS is VERY HIGHLY LIKELY to have killed Reeva Steenkamp with INTENTION!

And in the THIRD Part we will find out - thanx to the chart of the tragic event of the killing - that Oscar PISTORIUS is nearly with 95% FOR SURE THE MURDERER OF REEVA STEENKAMP!!!


Oscar Pistorius Trial
Image courtesy/(c.) by VISUM 

- Oh!? Did I mention that Oscar Pistorius is able to 'SCREAM LIKE A WOMAN??'
Oscar Pistorius and the 'Screams Like A Woman' Defense - ABC News:


Have a nice one & MAY THE STARS BE WITH YOU!

Tibor Bugetty - FAC. (Finest Astrosoup Creator)


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