Freitag, 19. Juli 2013

World-News and the Planets - Bad Market-News from our Big Brother USA? (July-Update 19/2013)

Bad Market-News from our 'Big Brother' USA? 
(GOOGLE and MICROSOFT are no fun for shareholders...)

* JUL/18_2013
Detroit Bankrupt: Kevyn Orr Asks Federal Judge To Place City Under Chapter 9 Bankruptcy Protection (Huff Post)

* JUL/19_2013
Earnings: Microsoft falls short of projections (The Columbus Dispatch)
More here:

- NOT really surprising news for me/us, eh?:
MERCURY (News!) is standing STILL - and activating the URANUS-PLUTO Square (90°)...
MARS is on it's way to do the VERY SAME... (from 22-26 July on into AUG)
JUPITER will do soon the same as MARS, too... (August 2013)

Stay tuned!


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